Four innovative tips to take your business to the next level


In order to ensure that your business successfully grows from strength to strength, it’s important to develop your skills as a businessperson. If you’re curious, simply continue reading to discover a wide variety of innovative tips from Jarle Thorsen which will help you take your business to the next level. Within a short, reasonable time frame.

Four innovative tips to take your business to the next level:

  1. Be creative when it comes to finding creative ways to promote your business

Instead of spending a small fortune on trying to market and promote your business, you should consider utilizing a pyramid style reward scheme in order to promote your business. How does a pyramid scheme work? Each time a member who has signed up to your pyramid scheme successfully signs up a brand new member to their downline, your business will pay them a small amount of money for their time and effort.

Alternatively, you may also want to consider marketing your business on social media, in order to increase your business’ online following and customer base.

  1. Find innovative ways to fund your business’ plans for expansion

Whether you’re interested in opening a new physical premise for your business or are looking to invest in crucial research and development for your business, it’s well worth considering selling a small stake in your business to a foreign stakeholder, who is prepared to bankroll your business’ future plans. As there are many business owners in wealthy cities, like Hong Kong who have plenty of money to invest in offshore businesses! So it’s well worth looking for a benefactor who has the power to back your business. Funding your business is also easier if you reduce costs so you can use those funds in another area. A common way to do this now a days is to work from home instead of a physical office. You may have employees but software like Zoom allow for structured group video meets and there’s also software out that that can guide you on how track your remote employees to make sure projects are being completed in a timely manner.

  1. Follow the useful advice of top rated business experts

The best way to learn about suceeding in business is to seek out advice from highly regarded business experts. As an example, if you want to learn how to build a high performing business from scratch you may want to follow the advice of Jarle Thorsen. Who built his company Uniaco, from scratch, 9 years ago and who now owns multiple businesses.

So if you’re keen to follow Thorsen’s example, it’s well worth reading about his career to see what decisions Jarle made, which you may be able to emulate!

Alternatively, you may also be interested in following the business advice of the owners and founders of Exergonix. Which is a hugely successful American business which has gone from strength to strength over the past decade!

  1. Come up with a brand new business plan which outlines your future plans for your business

If you plan to succeed with your fledgling business, it’s well worth completing a brand new business plan, which features brand new innovative plans for your business’ expansion.

So if you’re interested in becoming a better, more focused business owner and taking your business to the next level, it’s well worth following the four excellent business tips listed above. In order to become a better businessman or woman and to continue building a lasting business empire, which will help you become financially independent.