4 Reasons Why You Should Replace Your Windows Soon

Some homeowners never have to replace their windows. From decade to decade, the continue to look great and work perfectly. Other property owners aren’t so lucky. If you happen to be in the latter category, it’s time to do something soon. Call a contractor and look into the options for new windows and doors that can be installed in the next few months. If you could use some incentives, see if these four apply in your case.

Too Many Drafts

As the windows have aged, they tend to allow more air seepage. The drafts weren’t that bad until the last year or so. These days, you don’t stand too close to the windows when the weather is turning cooler. You also find yourself trying all sorts of methods to block the drafts, like taping around the sashes and keeping the blinds drawn.

Rather than having to put barriers between you and the windows, invest in new ones. They will be tight enough to prevent drafts and also allow you to enjoy the view.

And Increasingly Higher Energy Bills

Drafty windows interfere with more than your comfort. They also make your heating and cooling system work harder. Since the system is running more, it’s only natural that your energy bills will increase. Think of how much money you’re wasting every month!

Once you replace those aging windows and eliminate the drafts, expect the energy bills to decrease. You’ll find all sorts of ways to put the money saved to good use, including offsetting the cost of the new windows to some degree.

Windows That No Longer Work

You’d think that if you have to put up with drafts that the windows would at least open and close properly. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. One window sticks so badly that it’s almost impossible to open a sash. A different window will open with ease, but the sash won’t stay in place unless you use some sort of prop. Both situations are unacceptable.

By investing in new windows, you end up with the ability to open and close sashes at will. Even better, they stay exactly where you want them. While it may seem like a little thing, this simple operation will make life a lot easier around the house.

They’re Making the Home Look Tired and Worn Down

Have you given any thought to how the windows make your home look? If you step back and survey the entire property, you may find that they bring the appearance down. That’s in spite of the fact that the lawn in manicured, the shrubs are trimmed, and the paint on the exterior walls looks great. Those old windows look old even after you do everything you can to improve their appearance.

When you do replace them, be prepared for the look of the entire home to improve. In fact, it will look nicer than it has in come time. There’s something about windows that are in great shape that makes a house more attractive. You can bet that others will notice the difference too.

Is it time for new windows? Call a contractor and arrange for an inspection. Discuss different window styles and how they would look with the home. Before you know it, you’ll be aware of all the different types of windows available, whether it be double pane vs triple pane, or casement windows vs double hung. It won’t take long to find new windows that look great, work properly, and will offer excellent service for many years to come.

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