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Our mission is to give owners of animals (from the tiniest hamster to the biggest stallion) all the best advice for preventing and curing any afflictions while providing love, care & comfort.

Hi, I Am Millie Saunders

I Am A Veterinary Doctor & I Write For Most Beautiful Creatures

Wanting healthy hooves for your horse? Not sure what to feed your cat? As a team of animal lovers, we aim to provide the best welfare advice for you and your furry friends.


Pet Care

We are dedicated to advising the best medical treatment for animals of all shapes and sizes.



Can dogs eat broccoli? What’s the best type of diet for your exotic cat? Find out here.


Health at Home

How to help your pet with anxiety & injury. Setting up the optimal environment for your animal.


Behaviour Training

Naughty dog barking at that poor postman? Worry not, we have you covered here.

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