3 Must Have Accessories for Any Puppy

Getting a puppy and welcoming a new furry friend into your family is an exciting decision to make, however, it comes with a great deal of preparation. All dogs require a fairly high level of maintenance and preparation in order to ensure their happiness and safety, and this is especially true when it comes to younger dogs and puppies. Are you thinking about adding a puppy to your family but want to make sure the furry addition is well taken care of? One way to ensure they’re content, healthy and happy is by having the essential items on hand. From safety harnesses and leashes, to comfy beds – there are a few accessories that every puppy needs. Read on for our top 3 must have items that every puppy, regardless of age and breed, should have at their disposal! 

1. Harness and Leash: This might sound like a no brainer for some dog owners, but to those adopting a new puppy, it cannot be overstated how important having a high quality harness and leash it for the wellbeing of your puppy! A harness and leash is one of the most important items you’ll need for your puppy. Not only does it help you control them when walking, but it also prevents them from running off or getting into dangerous situations. Choose one that fits comfortably, but is also strong enough to hold them if they begin to pull. 

2. Bed: A comfortable bed not only helps your puppy to rest, but also provides a sense of security. Look for one that’s washable and durable enough to last through their growth spurts! This will give your puppy a place to relax and get cozy while keeping them off of your furniture, if that’s something you wish for your household.

3. Toys: No puppy-friendly household is complete without plenty of fun toys! Chew toys, interactive puzzles, and other fun playthings can help keep your pup entertained throughout the day. Not only are they great for keeping their minds active, but it can also help prevent destructive behavior from boredom, and can keep them entertained when you need them out of your hair while you do housework or complete an at home PMU procedure with Bowler Esthetics products.

If you’re thinking about adding a puppy to your family, make sure you’re prepared with these essential items. With the right harness and leash, bed, and toys, your new pup will be happy and safe. Good luck with your newest furry family member!