Dog Portraits: Express love to your paw

Pets are part of our everyday existence and part of our families. They make us chuckle, comfort us when we’re sick or upset, and are always there for us no matter what. They provide not only companionship but also emotional support. With almost no effort at all, pets manage to bring such a great amount of bliss into our lives. They also build up our confidence and help in positive emotional development.

A large number of us share an outrageous love and bond with our pooch. For us, a pet isn’t “only a dog”, but instead a cherished individual from our family, bringing friendship, fun, and euphoria to our lives. Your little pooch adds structure to your day, keeps you dynamic and social, and helps you to defeat difficulties and overcome challenges throughout everyday life, and even give a sentiment of importance or reason. Our pets may be moody, sleepy or lazy but you just can’t resist loving them. But have you ever thought of a special way to express your love to your pet? We’re sure that your lovely buddy deserves a special gift as well. Because if not them, then who?

BookMyPainting, an online creative platform, brings you an amazing gifting option that combines present-day advancement with hand-painted craftsmanship, all wrapped up in a quirky gift wrap just for your little mate. Have you ever thought of gifting a portrait of your pooch to them? One would doubt the artistic approach of their pets. Why would anyone want to get a portrait of their pets hung on a wall?

Be it outrage, trouble or love. Painting has let us done everything. After the approach of cameras in our imaginative world, artistic creations may appear as an overlooked jewel. While pictures will doubtlessly be reasonable and happy memories, the wonders of a Handmade Dog Portrait will never become dull. Various feelings and emotions stow away underneath one single stroke.

BookMyPainting provides different mediums to choose from which are curated for the best visual experience of admirers. They feature dedicated and talented artists who’ll bring any bit of an image into life.  All you have to do is to choose your medium, upload your favorite picture of your dog/dogs, and select the desired size and order. Your work is done. Their experts will assist you in customizing your masterpiece.  Now, sit back and watch your showstopper delivered at your doorsteps with love. Drape the adorable painting in your room and let everyone witness the bond you and your furry friend share. Can’t decide the perfect art style for your perfect gift? Don’t stress, these few tips will surely rescue you:

Handmade Charcoal Sketches

If you’re more of a B&W and monochromatic person then surely go for charcoal Pet sketches. This is a superb choice when you need your picture to be great and have a raw vibe simply like your delightful little pooch. The blending, shading, and display of finer details are perfect in this art style.

Oil Portrait Paintings

Looking for something more colorful? Oil paintings on Canvas should be your choice. They are lustrous, vivid and more realistic than other mediums. A pet painting is full of colors and creativity, thus it will definitely add more colors to your little mate’s already colorful world and your family treasure.

Watercolor Paintings

This medium in color paintings takes into old-school art techniques. If it’s your pet’s birthday, then get over dog collars and give them something genuine and which will stay long even after they’re gone. Custom Watercolor painting is a great idea since it is vivid, joyous and is something that is over the present age of Instagram and hotshot.

Pencil Drawing


Confused between a drawing and painting. Pencil color medium is something for you. Pencil color mediums are appropriate when you want to stick to your budget and cannot compromise with quality. Pencil color portraits are colorful just as oil paintings and watercolor painting but it has a texture of drawing.

Come on, what are you waiting for? Grab your phone or laptop and order a portrait ASAP! We bet that your pooch wouldn’t like any delays in getting their masterpiece painting. Be it their birthday or even a random day, don’t shy away from your bringing colorful magic to their lives.