2 Top Reasons for Rehoming Your Canine Friend

As a dog pet parent, there are certain scenarios that may force you to part ways with your furry friend. It is a sorrowful experience both for you and your dog.

Regardless, at times there are reasons that may force you to let go of your dog and have it rehomed and adopted by other more suitable dog owners.

Should you make a visit to an animal shelter, it is not uncommon for them to tell you a myriad reasons why dog owners may opt to relinquish ownership of their canine friends.

Some of the common reasons that may outrightly jump out to you may be: Problems with the current landlord, moving dynamics, and affordability of properly taking care of a dog.

These are but a few valid reasons why many dog owners may choose to break the tie with their dog. Nevertheless, there are far more deep and underlying reasons why a lot of people choose to rehome their dog.

The main reason being the lack of the formation of a bond and trust between the dog and their owners.

If you happen to be a dog owner and are considering finding out more information about why dog owners choose to rehome their dogs, then consider reading this guide on how to rehome a dog.

1. Conflict Between Dogs in the Family

You may own two or more dogs in your family that are different breeds, and it is not rare to hear about fights frequently occurring between dogs.

This can pose a health risk to the dominated dog, as injuries tend to occur. In addition to injury to your animals, human beings also face a risk of injury on the occasion that they try and separate dogs that are fighting.

Of course, you can attempt to train the aggressive dog to perceive its canine counterpart as a friend as opposed to an enemy.

However, when such efforts fail, the only other logical option would be to rehome one dog in order to ensure both dogs can thrive.

2. The Dog Poses a Threat to Your Loved Ones and the General Community

The one common denominator in this circumstance is aggression, nonetheless, it’s not always the case.

At times when a dog doesn’t get its daily exercise regimen, it tends to experience an increase in its anxiety levels and can tend to lash out in fits of aggression.

Dog owners can have pet walkers step in, in an attempt to try and help the dog with its exercise requirements, which may end up working.

If not, then it may be time the dog owner considers rehoming the pet. The last thing you need is having a violent dog pose a threat to your children.

Final Remarks

One thing is for certain, making an active decision to rehome your dog is not something that you suddenly wake up and decide upon.

It’s a rather difficult choice and one that needs to be considered carefully as giving up a dog to someone else is no light matter. Always ensure that you have explored and exhausted all your dog management options before giving up your dog for adoption.