5 Shocking Things They Never Taught You At School

We all study hard at school even if we’re not really interested in all of it. While we can probably tell you what the capital of France is and the names of a few kings of England and past Presidents, we never got to hear about the juicy stuff kids really want to hear about the country we live in.

The truth is there are so many interesting, bizarre, and shocking things they didn’t tell you about at school that if they did would fill the pages of your textbook a hundred times over. So, here are a few of the more interesting cherry-picked facts that will make you raise your eyebrows or scratch your head (and maybe make you want to read on further).

1. There Are More Pet Tigers In The US Than There Are Roaming In The Wild.

It’s an unfortunate fact due to many reasons, including poaching and other misfortunes brought about by mankind, but as of 2015 there are were only approx 3,200 tigers roaming free in their natural habitat. At the same time, there were about 5000 kept in captivity in the US, with over 2000 being kept as pets in the states of Texas alone.

2. The US Military Has Lost 8 Nuclear Weapons

Don’t panic, these haven’t fallen behind the couch or anything, these are permanently lost – like the one that was accidentally dropped into the pacific ocean or the one now at the bottom of a swamp. This happens usually as the result of a training SNAFU and happens so often that the military has created the term ‘broken arrow’ for such incidents.

3. Between Three And Ten Percent Of Total Healthcare Spending In The U.S. Is Fraudulent.

This might be the most shocking fact on the page to some, but no surprise to others. This subject really cannot be covered in just a few lines here as new facts are emerging all of the time, so to keep up to date with this one – Check out Healthcare Fraud Group blog content to medicare fraud cases.

4. During Prohibition, The US Government Waged ‘The Chemist’s War’

As a deterrent to those who consumed the alcohol used in manufacturing and for other industrial purposes, the US govt. intentionally poisoned supplies. Despite this bootleggers still stole the alcohol and as a result, by the time prohibition ended, it is estimated that 10,000 people lost their lives as a result of drinking the contaminated alcohol.

5. There’s A 1 In 8 Chance You’ve Worked In Mcdonald’s

If you live or grew up in the US, there is around a 12% chance that at one point you picked up a paycheck from the golden arches. McDonald’s hires around 1 million high schoolers, working parents, and recent retirees each year, and while some may not stay very long, they will have spent some time flipping burgers or manning the drive-thru.

So there you have it. Some are more shocking than others, but you should agree that all are noteworthy and probably worth sharing.