Infographic – 9 Food Trends Here to Stay

Every Business sector has new trends that either stick around permanently or come and go, depending entirely on consumer opinion. However, one industry that seems to see a fluctuation in new trends more than others is the food industry. Our taste in food is continuing to fluctuate; meaning new trends are evolving almost every day. From demand for sustainable produce, new complex flavour profiles and healthier ingredients, it is becoming more difficult for those within the food industry, whether you run a high-profile restaurant or an independent café, to stay on-top of consumer demand.

The amount of people switching to veganism has also increased drastically, with one in ten UK adults now aiming to become vegan this year. This is a demand that supermarkets have begun to recognise, with many introducing their own plant-based alternatives to increase their customer base. Now veganism is becoming a more widely recognised diet, those within the food industry cannot afford to ignore its popularity and must start changing their menus and product offering to avoid losing out on essential business.

To ensure they stay competitive, those within the food industry have to start catering to the latest food trends. However, how can you determine which ones are worth the investment? A large proportion of new trends rapidly decrease in popularity once the next comes along, so being able to select the long-term ones that will guarantee a return on investment (ROI) is crucial. This infographic created by Liberis, unsecured business loan providers, gives an insight into the top nine food trends from this year that are here to stay.

Created by alternative finance provider Liberis, this infographic depicts nine popular food trends that businesses should consider jumping on this year to increase profitability, including:

  • Instagrammable Food
  • Gluten-Free
  • Healthy Bowls
  • Food Waste