Why You Should Consider Adding Squash To Your Weekly Workout Plan


We all know that when it comes to exercise and becoming healthier it seems that it’s a consistent uphill battle. Where to begin, which activities to include and what recipes to try can be daunting at first, especially if you never have really developed a healthy eating and exercise routine and habit before. So what is a high intensity, fun activity to add that you may not think of? Squash is a sport that works almost everything and is hugely beneficial and here are a couple reasons why!

Cardiovascular Health

Squash is a fast moving, indoor sport played on a four walled court with two to four players where the object of the game is to get 11 points first by making the ball touch a specific part of the court. Due to the fact the ball is small, rubber and hollow, it can travel at terrific speed meaning players need to be “on the ball” in a sense and constantly moving, checking, jumping, lunging and more in order to keep the ball in play. The constant movement therefore gets the heart rate up and can help you get in shape through a great cardiovascular workout that’s fun too!

Weight Management

It’s no surprise that with all that running, jumping, ducking, lunging and swinging that you will lose weight. Squash is a great weight management tool that is not just a great workout for all parts of your body helping you to tone and shed inches on legs, bottom, hips, waist and thighs but is also tons of fun and can turn into a hobby that allows you to compete in tournaments and the like.

Develop Balance

All that running, jumping and having to check where the ball is while moving can help develop and maintain balance. Many people find that once they get out and get moving as well as start losing weight that their balance improves dramatically and playing squash is a great way to not just hone balance but to keep challenging it as well due to the nature of the game.

Develop Coordination, Flexibility and Agility

Aside from balance, squash can help develop other body based skills like coordination, flexibility and agility. Squash is a game of speed – maybe not in the beginning when you’re first getting used to it, but when you are proficient it can be very fast moving and can keep challenging you in coordination, flexibility and agility. Imagine the coordination it will take to keep that ball moving and hitting it with precision? Tons!

Hand-Eye Coordination

Like all the other reasons to take up squash another great one is the hand eye coordination it can help to develop. Even if you haven’t always had great hand-eye coordination, squash can help it develop over time as you work on your precision with hits and scoring throughout the game. As your skill improves so too will your hand eye coordination! Win-win, right?

So if you’re looking for the best possible sport to take up to help you lose weight and develop balance, agility, coordination of all types and more look no further than squash. This fast paced, physical game will have you challenging yourself in ways you never expected!