5 Ways I Keep My Skin Clear When Living in a Busy, Smoggy City


Living in a big, busy city can be fantastic in terms of opportunities, social life, networking and options for doing things like shopping or getting out and about, but it can really wreak havoc on your hair, skin, and soul. The hustle and bustle of the city paired with pollution and rushing about means that you may be making poor choices on the fly in terms of food, makeup, skin care products and more. If this sounds like you and your busy big city life, check out these great suggestions from a leading Townsville skin clinic for keeping your skin clean and clear when you’re living life out in the big city.


One of the biggest challenges of living in the big city is diet. With so many restaurants, coffee shops and quick options around to make life easier in the constantly go-go-go world of a bustling city, caving to fast food and less than great breakfast, lunch and dinner options can really cause issues with your skin. Instead of caving for a burger, consider getting a protein packed salad with eggs, quinoa, chicken or shrimp for lunch instead of a greasy burger from your favourite burger shack. Your skin, waist, hips and energy levels will thank you.

Beating Pollution

Nothing says skin problems like constantly battling pollution in the air. You might get home and notice that your skin is looking a bit lacklustre thanks to hours commuting or running around in a smoggy city. The best way to beat the pollution issue is to use a high powered cleanser every day after getting home and before going to work to keep both natural oils and debris as well as makeup, dirt and pollution at a minimum. A good apricot or seed based scrub twice to three times a week to get the top layer of dead skin off to help prevent spots and to keep skin youthful looking and bright. You may also read skin care reviews to have enough knowledge on what product to use.

Hard Water Woes

Hard water is a pain for those who have skin issues of all kinds and hard water often causes dry skin and hair. The best way to get around this is to employ a good moisturiser for body, face and hair. Hair moisturiser like argan oil, cactus oil and other types of oils is great for a two to three time a week treatment. Hot oil treatments are also very good. Body lotions should be used specifically on the torso, arms and legs while face moisturisers, especially hyaluronic acid are ideal for bringing back the moisture to face skin.


Stress can be a real problem in the city running from the office to home and having to fit errands into an already hugely busy schedule, so using a detoxifying mask once a week on Fridays is a great go-to for making sure you pamper your skin as well as yourself. Clay masks and a glass of red wine are a great way to wind down the week and start your chilled out weekend in style!

Wacky Weather

Weather is another seriously annoying point that can wreak havoc on your skin and one of the best ways to keep up on fixing the issues caused by weather. Cold weather can dry your skin out and create issues for your moisture barrier, so by keeping a good moisturising cream and lip balm to hand you can keep the weather woes at bay. Also having a good skincare routine can help protect your skin from flare ups associated with weather.

So if you’re looking for help on keeping your skin clear in the big city hopefully this will help you begin to get an idea of great ways to mitigate the issues before they strike. Good luck!

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  1. There is much pollution in big cities which cause skin damage so there need such great skincare routine. I like this article so much. Thanks and keep sharing.

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