5 Signs That He is “The One”


We all know how it feels to be floating through life, getting by in work, enjoying friends, going out and generally just doing you but what about when it comes to romance? It can seem like there’s so much pressure out there, especially as you get older, to get a man (or woman) and settle down and it can really get some people down. If you’re in a relationship and have been for a few years you may be wondering how to tell if he’s ‘the one’. You can drive yourself insane trying to measure your partner up against lists of perfection, so for you ladies in a relationship (or looking for ‘the one’) here are five signs that he’s ‘it’!

Being Together Takes No Effort

When you get together you know you don’t need to impress. Or even dress to impress. Or maybe even dress. If you get just as much satisfaction out of staying in with some crummy Netflix movies and a bag of popcorn as you do from going out to a five star exclusive restaurant (and actually maybe even more satisfaction), you know he might be the one. Being with the perfect partner doesn’t mean you have to always be flash and showing off and you both often prefer to chill out in each other’s company in your PJs instead of heading to the hottest place in town. After all, there’s fringe benefits to staying in too…

You’re Best Friends – But Also Have Your Own Friends and Lives

If you feel like your partner is your best friend but you also have your best girl friends too, he might be the one. Many happy couples refer to each other as their best friends and while this is a great indicator of the “ideal” relationship for life, it’s important to keep your own best friends from before the relationship existed. If either of you expects the other to give up friendships in the name of the relationship, it’s probably not going to work long term. Likewise, you should be able to both allow the other to go out with their own sets of friends without constantly checking up, phoning, wondering where they are or having panic attacks and letting the green eyed jealousy monster get the better of you. Girls need girls nights and boys need boys nights – and you can swap hilarious stories later!

You’re Both The Best Versions Of Yourselves

Does he reignite the passion you had for painting? Has he picked up his skis again at your encouragement? This is a great sign that he’s the one. If he allows you to be you and you allow him to be him without any restrictions or limitations and you have both become the best versions of yourselves since being together, he’s probably the one. The perfect partner is one that helps you develop yourself to the best possible level for you without an agenda. They just want you to be you and that’s that.

You Don’t Keep Secrets

You might be onto a keeper if you don’t keep secrets. That guy who macked on you at the bar? Yeah you tell your partner instead of swooning about what might be. He might also be the one if he doesn’t get rage-inducingly jealous and you both laugh about the guy who tried a bit too hard and have a joke about it. Part of being in a marriage-worthy relationship is the ability to know that your partner being hit on is going to happen and you’re okay with it assuming they don’t act on it.

You’re A Team

You do the shopping but he cooks and does the dishes. Maybe it’s reversed or he really hates mopping and you don’t mind it but you hate doing laundry and he’s okay there. Either way you both chip in and help each other out. The bonus is that you get to spend more time together the quicker the chores get done! Win – win, right?

So if you’re looking for the guy who’s the one, this list should help you nail down whether he’s the perfect marriage material. Always remember to go with your gut and also the fact that a guy should never ever make you feel bad about yourself or try to change you (and likewise, you for him!). Good luck in the dating game, and be true to yourself first and foremost!