Invest and grow your wealth with Ormeus Global

What is Ormeus Global?

Ormeus Global is a network marketing company, started in 2017 and owned by Joseph Frazier, the CEO of oApogeelnvent, that offers its customers a comprehensive suite of products and services. Ormeus Global harbors different types of crypto-currency related products that aim to fuel individual growth and development. With Ormeus Global, you are assured of getting the financial freedom you have always craved for and offers you an opportunity to the lifestyle you deserve.

What does Ormeus Global offer you?

Ormeus Global is an automated trading pot that uses a sophisticated trading algorithm to make trades on behalf of the users. By far, this is the best strategy that allows you to leverage your time and helps you to grow your wealth with up to a 160% return in a complete hands-off environment.

Ormeus Global mirrors the trading strategies of top professional Forex traders. Forex trading involves trading international currencies, however, Ormeus Global involve trading crypto-currencies due to the availability of thousands of crypto-currencies into the modern market. All traders have to do is to deposit Bitcoins into a secured account and with little or no experience; the algorithm will make automated trades for you. What’s more, you are required to deposit as little as your budget accommodates thus making it an ideal company for both the employed, unemployed and students.

Ormeus master trade

Ormeus master trade allows users to master the art and skills of trading using a mirroring technology. Trades are made on the platform. If you happen to make profitable and intelligent trades for a long time, you attract a lot of followers who can then copy and master your trading skills.

For your compensation, the company allocates you a cut of the money that each user following you dedicates to your trades. The price tag associated with this product is set to a monthly payment of $174 or a one-time annual payment of $1,874.

Mining contracts

Ormeus Global offers you both short-term and long-term crypto-currency mining contracts. Typical crypto-currency miners involve creating new blocks and confirming transactions on the block chain in return for new coins as well as benefiting from transaction fees. While significant barriers characterize this undertaking, Ormeus Global has made it easier for those interested in the mining. They have removed all the barriers in place and invested in specialized hardware that will assist you in mining. Again, there are lots of expert miners willing to do the mining for you.

How to protect your 73 – Ormeus Global digital wallet

Most online digital wallets are vulnerable to attack from hackers. Although we have put in place reliable security measures, including the use of 2-factor authentication, you can’t help but be more careful with your wealth. It’s for this reason that users are encouraged to use a smartphone on a desktop-based wallet that stores your info offline on your device rather than online. Offline hardware wallets are considered the most secure with less vulnerability to attack from hackers. 


At Ormeus Global, we focus on growing wealthy individuals and leaders who are willing to help others succeed. As an individual, however, you should learn to market yourself and be ready to be trained on how to accumulate wealth. Put your drive and determination into Ormeus Global, a company with a clear action plan and the right tools to make you rich.