Learning About the Different Kinds of Horse Saddles

Humans have been trying to master the art of domestication for so many centuries now. We have succeeded with quite a few animals. Some of them became lifelong companions like dogs and cats. There are also others that became food sources like cows, chickens and pigs. Also, there are some animals which are kept for appearances only like love birds and monkeys. There are also some who keeps dangerous animals like snakes and alligators. Domestication is both art and science and it is still a continuing process. Read this article to learn more about it.

One of the most common animals that were domesticated were the horses. They were native to Europe and Asia but are now found all over the world. Ancient civilizations loved horses because they are easy to tame and very useful in various situations. They helped with agriculture and hunting as well. They became one of the staples for transportation for a very long time. Owning a horse was as common as cars of today. They were the kings of the streets and invaluable on the battlefields. It was also considered to be one of man’s greatest possessions.

Nowadays, owning horses is now considered as a luxury but it is a well-spent one. Riding a horse everyday strengthens your calves and legs. It is a great exercise, especially if you want to master this once common skill. Even though you can’t take it to the streets anymore, it is still a good skill to master because it is becoming more unique. Equestrian activities are also a part of many competitions around the world. If you already own a horse and you are into this, then it would be best to find the best saddle for you.

There was once a time when saddles were not used as most ancient people rode bareback. You can still do this but the horse will likely throw you off. One needs a lot of training before you can even ride bareback or without saddle and even then not many people would want to. Saddles provide comfort and protection to the rider and horse. It makes sitting on top of the horse easier as well as alleviate some of the weight from the horse, they are also the equipment you need before beginning horseback riding so you really need to buy one of these if you have a horse,

One of the most surprising things before buying a saddle is there are many kinds of them. It can be quite overwhelming at first but these are just divided according to their purpose. Before you read about the articles about the best saddles on this link: https://www.top5reviewers.com/best-horse-saddle/, let us discuss the most common kinds of horse saddles that you may want to buy.

General or All Purpose

If you are looking for a safer option, then this one’s for you. General purpose saddles can cater all kinds of people with various weights. It has a deep seat and padded leg section which provides comfort and control for the rider. It is also comfortable enough to ride on for a considerable amount of time especially if it is made from quality materials. If you’re enrolled in a riding school, this is the saddle that you will most commonly see.


Are you looking for a more advanced work on the field and already tired of the all-purpose saddle? Dressage saddles are great for those who want to move into the more complicated horseback riding like flatwork exercises. It is not just for riding anymore, but other tricks that would be performed in competitions. A dressage saddle is higher than the all-purpose but you can still feel closer to the horse because of its minimal padding. It is also manufactured with light and thin leathers and other materials so that you can easily control the movement of your horse.

Kids Saddle

It is said that if you want to master a skill, you need to start young. If you have a pony and you kids want to ride him or her, then having a specialized saddle would be great for the learning experience. It is just like a general saddle but fitted more closely to the average weight of a child. These are more affordable since they are smaller and usually made with synthetic materials. However, there are also more durable ones that you can always check out.

Side Saddle

There was a time when women were not allowed to ride a horse. When they had already been allowed, there is only a specific way for them to ride: with their legs crossed. The Side saddle was developed for this purpose alone. As you may also notice, most women during that time wear skirts and this hinders their ability to ride easily. These days though, you can only find these in riding schools. Even then, some schools would post a notice that would prohibit riders from wearing a skirt for riding. However, if you like wearing skirts and still would want to ride like a lady, then this one might be for you,


Now, being a cowboy is one of those dreams of any man who had ingested a lot Western movies. Cowboy work is long and rough, so there is a special saddle for this one. Made from brown leather, it is usually covered with many designs particularly Western ones. It also has a horn on the front which aids the rider’s balance as he or she rides. The Western saddle is also comfortable enough to ride for long periods of time, perfect for that countryside work like shepherding or even hunting.

There are also other types of saddles like the ones for racing and polo. However, these can only be found if you want to practice these sports. For casual or long term riding, then the saddles above might be good for you. There are so many saddle manufacturers around the world, and some can be found online. It can be very easy to find the best ones but these can be quite expensive. You can always compromise with a good saddle for the lower price.

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