Is Using Guinea Pig Shampoo Safe?

Many animal lovers will agree that pets are what brings a smile to our faces every day. Regardless of which animal you have as a pet, all of them will bring joy to our lives. Scientific research showed that the choice of a pet could say a lot about their owners. Psychologists claim that we project our character through our furry buddies.

People that have backyards tend to have a bit larger breeds of dogs since they’re usually not the perfect fit for small apartments. Others prefer small house animals like minor dog breeds, exotic birds, cats, or guinea pigs.

If you think of getting this tinny cavy, here’s what you should know:

Guinea pigs have similar needs as humans. It means that the owners should take care of their hygiene, not just feed and play with them. A clean and tidy pet, with developed hygiene habits, is of great importance for the health of people who are in daily contact with the animals.

Importance of Good Hygiene Habits in Guinea Pigs

Most animals know how to take care of their hygiene, but licking their paws and fur won’t clean all the dirt and bacteria out of them. Rodents, in general, are pretty tidy animals. They, like cats, have the instinct to wash and groom themselves daily.

Although they sometimes need extra bathing to be done by the owners, too often washing is not recommended. If you are first-timer in petting a guinea pig, pay attention to the choice of cleansing products intended exclusively for these tinny animals.

Pet cosmetic brands nowadays offer various products like shampoos, oils, foams, soaps, etc. These products are adjusted for animal’s pH volumes and their fur. Never use human shampoos and products on your guinea pig since it may endanger their health. Always ask your vet anything you want to know about your pet’s life, habits, hygiene, diet, and everything else.

Guinea pigs should be bathed with a mild shampoo. But you have to wash their buttocks more frequently. On this body part, these cavies have grease glands, which they use as a mean of communication. These glands can produce a really nasty odor, and you and your family definitely don’t want to inhale it all day.

Regular bathing and the use of proper products can help in preventing common fungal and parasite diseases in rodents. In case your pet already had the infection, bathing with some of the 5 shampoo options recommended by vets can help in deep skin cleansing.

Tips for Bathing Your Guinea Pig

Some animals can withstand bathing more frequently, while others will hate it. Guinea pigs are in the second group. But you need to know that cleaning and bathing this little ball of fur is a must, although they will try to escape as soon as they see the water.

Your guinea pig lives in a cage where it eats, sleeps, and performs all other natural things like emptying its bowels and releasing urine. And that’s where the smell of your guinea pig fur usually comes from. Never mind how frequently you clean their habitats; the scent will always be there. Veterinarians generally advise not to bathe guinea pigs often, maybe two or three times per month.

When bathing, take care that no water enters the guinea pigs’ ears. If you got yourself a long-haired cavy, comb their fur regularly. Proper hygiene products will help restore health and clean hair to your pet, and suppress the awful smell.

These rodents are excellent swimmers, although they are not fans of water. As sweet as it may seem watching them wriggling in the foam, do not prolong the bath. Your pet can get cold if left in the water for a long time. See on this page how to treat cold and other common diseases in cavies.

Things to Know About Cleaning Products for Cavies

The market for pet hygiene products is enormous, which is why owners can often be confused when choosing cleaning products. Use only those prescribed by your vet, and you can rest assured that it won’t hurt your beloved pet.

Guinea pigs usually won’t resist unless you catch them in a tricky place (watch out if you have nails). One of the most significant advantages of getting a guinea pig is that you can wash them all by yourself. You only have to learn which products are suitable for your pets.

Many companies produce various kinds of shampoos, and you need to know more about them all. It’s not advisable to buy any shampoo and cleaning product for your guinea pig since some of them can harm their skin or hair.

Cavies also have allergies as we do, and that’s why you need to be more careful. Try any shampoo by putting a tinny drop on the bald area of your furry buddy’s body. If there’s no reaction after 24 hours, the product is safe for use. But always talk to your vet about any new product you wish to use. The experts will always give you suggestions about safe and affordable shampoos to use.


Kids love guinea pigs, and they’ll play with them or hold them in hands. Keep these furry cuties clean in order to avoid negative influence on human health. Good hygiene habits should always be your top priority for the sake of you and your family, as well as for your pet.