Mouth to Lung Vaping Explained

Vapes were introduced as an alternative to cigarette addicts. This is because smoking tobacco has numerous deadly health impacts to the smoker and the people around them.

However, that does not imply that vaping has no impact on one’s health. However, the effects of vaping are milder. The fact that many teenagers are vaping has made scientists perform more research to know whether vaping is better than smoking.

The question of whether vaping helps adults to quit smoking is subject to debate as there is no sufficient evidence. However, vapes can only help one to quit smoking if and only if they are used appropriately to have a similar feeling as that of smoking tobacco.

Lack of satisfaction in vaping mostly leads to one smoking and vaping simultaneously. This fact brings us to a very critical topic on how to vape and the type of vape one should use. Therefore, if you are a newbie to vaping, here is what you should know. One can vape either by the mouth to lung method or by the direct lung method. The choice of technique and vaping device depends on the goal of vaping.

The Mouth to Lung Method

When the e-cigarette was introduced, its functionality was similar to that of traditional tobacco cigarettes. This means that one could only vape using the mouth to lung method. The mouth to lung method is done by breathing in with the vape in your mouth and letting the vapor stay in your mouth for some time. After that, you inhale the vapor into your lungs before exhaling to release the vapor in the form of smoke.

To do mouth to lung vaping, one has to have an e-cigarette from ePuffer that utilizes low power of about 25 watts. Due to low energy, the vaping device will function at high voltages, hence making the vape perform at favourable temperatures and also enables it to provide a good flavour.

The mouth to lung vaping method is mostly used by adults aiming at quitting smoking because the mouth to lung method gives one the same throat-itching feeling as the one they get while smoking tobacco.

Comparison Between Mouth to Lung and Direct to Lung Vaping

Unlike mouth to lung method where the e-cigarette user allows the vaporized juices to linger in their mouth, direct to lung vaping will enable one to breathe the vapor directly into the lungs before breathing out to release a cloud of smoke. In direct to lung method, one is required to take quick puffs before the vape becomes hot, while in mouth to lung vaping, one takes puffs while regularly inhaling as the vape maintains a cool temperature.

Direct to lung vaping is used if the goal of vaping is to drown in a cloud of smoke while mouth to lung is utilized to help chain smokers to quit smoking.


Mouth to lung vaping has several benefits as it helps an addicted tobacco smoker to stop the bad habit. Mouth to lung vaping also gives a better flavour compared to direct to lung.