How to Stylishly Dress for Winter

The days may be short and the mercury spiraling downwards, but that does not mean that you must put fashion on hold. Winter is the one month where you are consistently challenged to remain stylish and yet warm at the same time; your fashion choices need to be more functional than at other times of the year. You can’t afford to sacrifice warmth for looking on trend. However, this doesn’t mean that keeping warm must be at the expense of wearing flattering clothes. Here’s a guide to dressing for winter, without sacrificing your personal flair and style.

Invest in a V-neck thermal set

Most thermal tees are round neck, and so they restrict the type of blouse or shirt that you can wear. However, a V-neck thermal vest opens the doors of opportunity! You’ll be able to wear your favorite shirt all year round. When you are looking for a thermal set, make sure that you choose a set that is made from the finest material, so that you can add a layer of warmth without bulking out your outfit.

Layer up

Layering is the ideal response to winter weather and is a way to trap air and maintain your body’s heat. It provides the ideal opportunity to introduce different colors, patterns, and fabrics to what can otherwise be an outfit of dull colors and uniform materials. Play around with different lengths of layers to flatter and complement your figure. Again, pay attention to the thickness of the materials to avoid appearing bulky.

Invest in a stylish pair of boots

A well-fitting pair of boots are an investment worth making. They’ll be ideal for winter but will also be able to carry on through for spring and fall. Boots are functional, but they also have the power to transform an outfit from drab to fab and will enable you to continue wearing your skirts and dresses throughout winter (providing you have adequate winter-standard hosiery). If you really want to keep the cold at bay, wide calf over the knee boots make a dramatic statement and can be worn with trousers too.

Invest in a statement coat

Just because the weather is dull outside, doesn’t mean that your winter coat has to be too. Let your overcoat do the talking and choose one in a bright tone that complements and brightens your skin; think magenta, mustard yellow or animal print for a luxe look. Remember though, that if you are wearing a statement coat, to make a chic statement that the clothes that you are visible when you are wearing it are comparatively simple and neutral.


Once you have updated your closet, you can turn to your accessories to add the final touch to your outfit. Scarves, hats and gloves are essential winter items, and can be a great way to add interest and color. Be bold and brave and choose accessories to help define your fashion statement. When you wear a scarf, add a scarf ring, little additions make a big difference to your styling so don’t be afraid to experiment with different accessories.

Dressing well for winter is tricky. You need to retain your individual style and flair while keeping warm. By following these 5 tips, you’ll be able to update your closet and keep wearing your favorite garments, no matter what the weather is doing.