How to know if it’s time to change your child’s school

If you’re not satisfied with your kid’s current school, then perhaps you have a good reason for having those thoughts. While the schools in Singapore offer high quality and world-renowned education, some may not fit with a child’s unique learning capabilities.

A school that doesn’t sync with your children can often be distinguished through indications from their attitude and performance, most of which will be tackled in this article. If your child shows any of the following signs, then it’s time to consider whether another school could fit your learner better.

The school doesn’t challenge your child enough. Do you constantly hear your child complain of boredom? Is he getting assigned busy work every day, or get into trouble when moving around or not paying attention during class? This can be an indicator that he or she is too advanced for the current class work.

Most gifted children get in trouble due to behavior issues since they finish lessons ahead of their peers and are forced to do nothing. If your child is observed consistently completing assignments before classmates, then perhaps her current isn’t challenging her enough, and she may benefit if he moves to a better school.

Your child’s needs are not addressed. Different schools offer and focus on different learning styles special needs as well as unique learning disabilities. However, not all schools have the expertise to help all types of learners. If you observe that your child is lagging because his needs are not being met, it’s a definite sign that your child can take advantage of a school change.

Your child constantly refuses to go to school. If your daily struggle is forcing your child to go to school and he continually complains that he hates school, or perhaps fake illness or other excuses, it can be a clear sign that her school is not a good fit.

Moreover, conflict with other teachers or other students, boredom, and other challenges also leads a child to dislike going to school. There are several methods you can do to address the issue with the child’s current school, but you should also consider trying something different.

Your child is exposed to danger. Bullying in schools is a problem in many learning institutions, so if you see that your child’s present school isn’t focused on eradicating bullying, it is high time to move on. Bullying in school to any degree and even cyberbullying outside of school can lead to terrible emotional and physical consequences. If teachers and school administrators aren’t working on the problem, the next best step is to remove your child and enroll him in another school.

Your family’s circumstances deem it necessary. Every family is different, therefore what works for a family may not necessarily work at another. Job changes, perhaps a new military assignment, new siblings, or other lifestyle change will affect whether a school will meet your family’s needs. Moreover, if your family is moving to another country like Singapore, then the right approach is to enroll your child in the best primary school Singapore has to offer. If you’re already in Singapore and your child is enrolled in a school where you think he or she doesn’t fit in, then an international school can work wonders. There are a plethora of options you can utilize to make sure that your child’s transition to a new school goes without major issues.

Indeed, today we have more school options than ever before, the educational landscape offers tailored choices for a wide range of circumstances. So if you deem that your child’s present school isn’t the right fit, then finding a new school or pursuing alternative forms of education should be your main focus.

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