4 Tips to Tackling Difficult Content Assignments at Work

Though most professionals recognize the importance of writing and editing skills in the modern workplace, considerably fewer enjoy practicing them. Indeed, many people struggle writing blogs, emails, newsletters, or press releases for their company. What’s more, certain business content is especially difficult to write because it relates to difficult or nuanced subjects. And there are few things more nerve-wracking than staring down the barrel of a tricky writing assignment and not knowing where to begin. Fortunately, we’re here to help on that front. Take a look at these four tips that can help you get started crafting better content than you ever could’ve imagined:

Don’t Try to be Perfect

One reason why inexperienced writers have difficulty starting assignments is due to a fear of making mistakes. While it’s understandable to want to eliminate any possible errors from your work, it’s more important to simply get going with a piece than it is to fret over the particulars at the beginning. Keep in mind, you’ll have plenty of time to edit and proofread your work after you’ve penned a rough draft or outline to begin. So don’t sweat any mistakes you make early in the process since they’re actually signs of progress!

Recognize Your Audience

Whether you’re forming content to engage current customers, potential leads, business partners, or your bosses, you should always be cognizant of your audience when you begin writing. Figuring out what’s expected from you is critical to generating content that satisfies your readers. Plus, knowing who you’re writing for can provide you some insight into what your piece should address. After all, your customers don’t need to know about your conversion rates, for example.

Use Real-Life Examples

Good marketing –– and good writing –– is about more than the mere conveyance of facts and figures. At the end of the day, people respond to emotion more than they do logic; so if you’re struggling to make a confusing product more accessible, consider telling a story about it with a real-life example. Listing the benefits and advantages of clot activator tubes without context won’t resonate with your audience nearly as much as an anecdote about how scientists actually use them for research and testing. Note, even the most esoteric topics likely have relatable elements you can bring out with a little digging. 


There’s a misconception that writing is a solo activity. However, in reality, many great pieces of business content were formed by multiple team members working together. The next time you find yourself with a horrible case of writer’s block ask a coworker to help you out. They’ll likely bring fresh ideas and perspectives to the table –– and your work will benefit from their input!