3 Effective Customer Engagement Strategies

It’s a simple business fact that improved customer engagement leads to increased customer sales. Some estimates put an engaged customer as spending up to 23% more with a business, which should be reason enough to justify making customer engagement one of your top business priorities. There are some key reasons as to why you should be focusing on consumer engagement: customer loyalty, which leads to more purchases, and in turn increased profits, and finally, that all-important customer ambassadorship for your company. As businesses become increasingly enamored with the possibilities of technology it can become all too easy to forget that the heart of your business should always be your customers, and engagement is the key to keeping them satisfied. 

Personalizing customer communications

Whether it’s a birthday email that suggests new products to buy or an aftercare phone call to check up on the satisfaction of your customer, personalization is key to improved engagement. However, one of the more underused strategies is simply to open your business up for input, and whether that’s in the form of social media surveys or in-house checks on your customer’s experience, the benefits are absolutely worth it. The mere process of asking questions and reacting to responses creates communication avenues that can build that more tailored and unique experience that consumers will come back for. 

Using technology to tailor the customer experience

Your business is no doubt structured to allow for maximum communication between departments, but if that ease of discourse is not extended to your customers, then it may all be for nothing. One of the most effective solutions to this issue is the Omnia SAP Customer Portal. This product suite offers a vast range of possibilities that can open up your customer engagement to whole new levels, allowing for levels of customization and user experience that are unparalleled. It’s no wonder that SAP Portals are becoming the gold standard of business products. The Weaveability solution allows for much in the way of personalized processes, but one of the most useful is that it allows for order placement as and when the customer needs it, even out of hours. This makes it one of the most efficient and useful product suites when it comes to customer engagement and reinforcing brand loyalty. 

Engagement with content

By now, your content should not only be informative, easy-to-read and SEO optimized, but it should also be fully integrated across all of your consumer interaction platforms. The question then becomes a matter of the form that your content takes. One of the most important when it comes to engagement is that of interactive content because it can not only educate your customers, it can also create an engaged excitement that other content forms cannot hope to equal.

Interactivity is more than you think, and ultimately means that your customers have the choice to engage in an action or activity after the content has been consumed. Answering questions on an online poll and guiding the customer towards making choices will grab attention and lead to greater customer loyalty, which is essential when it comes to your overall engagement strategy. Engage the user, and your sales will show positive results.

Your customers need to become visualized as more than simply ‘traffic’ when it comes to their interaction with your business. That means that customer focus needs to be at the heart of every department’s overall strategy, because poor customer service leads to loss of revenue.