How apps have transformed the lives of the modern mom

We barely go an hour these days without hearing about yet another life-changing app right? And let’s be honest, this can begin to feel a little like overkill so the tendency is to let this stuff wash over you without really looking into the detail. But for modern moms, this can be a mistake, because there are some wonderful online tools where you can read a review of Eurogrand  and do some online gambling or apps out that can really transform our lives for the better, with new ones coming out all the time.

So how do you know which are the best? Well the bottom line is that you have to try them out to see what suits you. What’s life-transforming for one busy mom may seem completely useless for another mom with different tastes; there is no one size fits all here.

So without further ado, let’s have a look at a few potentially life-changing apps for the moms out there today …

First off, let’s have a look at a few wind-down apps designed for your time rather than kids’ time; after all, this is as much about you as it is about everyone else – even when your life feels that it’s always about the family!


Entertainment on-the-go when you’re traveling or waiting around is important for many moms for its distractive benefits – and there are loads of great apps out there. Popular games like the Hitman games, Hoplite, Candy Crush and the many different Scrabble-type variants are just a few ways to keep amused when you want to just zone out for a while.

For those of us who love to play casino games whether for real or just virtually, there are lots of options too. Most casino games can be found via apps from the country’s top providers like PokerStars, 32Red and many others. The best apps let you play these for virtual money only if that’s what you prefer – always a bonus when you’re trying something out for the first time. The games are really easy to play, but you do have some choices to make, such as which game to play, the coin size you play with (which affects the bet amount per line) and how many paylines you want to play per spin.


Even though there are ever more international retailers to choose from in Australian city centers, who has time to shop when they’re a busy mom; let alone to plan outfits in detail and get everything just right? So apps that act like a personal shopper and help organize your wardrobe are great and save hours of messing around.

Unfortunately, there are literally hundreds of apps out there designed to help you organize your clothing, keep track of your clothes and make sure you don’t run short of new ideas and combinations.

So to make things easier for you, we’ve narrowed it all right down to a top four that are well worth checking out. The first is “Closet” an app designed to assist you in categorizing your outfits and keep you au-fait with what you’ve already used. This is a great app and easy to use, but has no social aspect.

The “Stylitics” app is a good one for people looking to color-coordinate their clothing, while the “WiShi” app is designed to fuse fashion with social media – and great for socializing.

And last but not least, “Walk In My Closet” is designed to combine shopping with organizing your wardrobe. If you’re shopping online, you can put a clothing item straight into your virtual closet, so that all your wish list clothes are in the same place. This helps you decide what you really want and need – and what you don’t.

Baby care

There are too many apps for moms of young babies to mention, but two that are worth considerations are certainly Sleepy Sounds and Cozi. The former is particularly good for traveling as it helps babies go to sleep via a rhythmic shushing sound designed to calm babies down. And anyone who’s been in an automobile with a crying baby knows that anything is worth a try!