Do’s and Don’ts for a Perfect Holiday Tan

We all like to enjoy a little holiday escapade from time to time to unwind. And when your job is becoming stressful or life is getting you down and you seem to lack energy to pick yourself back up, the only solution is to go on a dream holiday where all your worries will be forgotten, and online betting with a TLC188 coupon code while bathing in the sun and drinking a Caipirinha in Rio de Janeiro or coconut water in Bali.

I know that not only ladies love the sun, but also men fancy the idea of having a warm natural skin colour and glow. It goes better when they are going for an entrepreneurial look and style.

First step is paying a visit to your dermatologist. If you don’t have one then find a professional near you. You may need a dermatological expert if you want to establish a healthy sun tanning programme, especially if you have skin conditions that can be affected by sun rays. Every person has their own skin type and a dermatologist will be able to define this. Some people have very light skin while others have a darker skin tone. Some tend to get sun burns while others don’t have problems if they use the appropriate anti-UV products.

The second thing to do is get information about the weather. If you plan to visit a country in its hottest season then it is wise that you bring more sun protection like broad hats and full length loose fitting clothing that will cover your skin but also allow it the breath in the hot weather. But also be aware than in many places, even if the sun is covered by clouds you can still be susceptible to sun burn is you spend a long time out in the open.

Make sure to buy certified products and invest your money in quality brands which can be done by checking reviews on sites like Amazon. Follow your dermatologist’s advice if you need special products in order to prevent a allergic reactions to creams or other issues with your skin while you’re on vacation.

Another important recommendation is to avoid long stints of sun-bathing in the middle of the day. The strength of the sun is at it’s highest in at this time of day and overexposure could mean you having to avoid the sun for the rest of your holiday as your skin will become very sensitive and nee time to heal. Furthermore, some skin damage due to the excessive tanning like skin cancer may not be visible until years later. Your skin cells also need time to  relax so take that afternoon time to enjoy other activities while on holiday.