Adding some luxury to your next vacation

Luxury holidays can often cost the Earth which means that lots of people who deserve and probably need that little bit of luxury, get priced out of doing so. Despite not being able to go all out luxurious on your next trip however, there are some things that you can be doing to add a slice of luxury to your travel plans such as starting a successful business or even easier, winning big on casino sites.

Simply put, luxury is good for the soul, whether it be gorgeous surroundings, attentive service or a stunning restaurant experience, it leaves us feeling special and well look after and it gives us an experience of something that we don’t get in our day to day lives. If you are looking to add a little bit of luxury to your next trip then here are some ways to do so.

Meal Planning

Something I love to do when I’m on vacations is to go big on my last night, I often plan this out well before my vacation by looking for a top, Michelin starred if possible, restaurant where I can indulge on my final evening. I generally try to get an idea of how much I will pay in my head so that I can minimize my spends throughout the week. As a result of this planning and this strategy, I have eaten in some of the finest restaurants in the World and while I may not eat like a king throughout my vacation, I most certainly do on the last night.

Personal Transport

When it comes to getting around on your vacation you could opt to get involved ini the public transport system or use taxis, a far better, and more luxurious way of doing it though, is to look into privately hire cars. On a recent trip to Western Australia I decided to get hire a luxury private hire car to ferry me around throughout my stay, it was the perfect way to get around the city. The service was super personal, incredibly easy to use and it meant that I didn’t waste any time waiting for taxis or buses, the car was there when I needed it with my personal chauffeur and the service was exemplary.


If you are blessed with incredible luck then you could find yourself as the recipient of a free upgrade on your flights or hotels, more likely is that you could bag yourself an upgrade for a fraction of the price. The keys to getting an upgrade are first and foremost, that you ask, far too many people think that they are being too bold in asking for an upgrade, this is not the case and remember that the worse anyone can say is no. Before asking, remember to be charming and kind, nobody will offer you an upgrade if you are rude. If you are lucky enough to get a cheap or free upgrade then you can really sprinkle some luxury on your trip.