Everything You Need to Know About Clearing Land for Farm Animals

In order to create a nice little barn, stall, or chicken coop, you first need enough space on your land for your animals to live comfortably. This means that all land must be cleared wherever you will be housing and grazing your animals. This can be a challenge if you live on a wooded lot, a steep hill, or an area where there are lots of rocks. Forget about grabbing your axe and wheel barrel; this is going to be a big job, so you will need to pull out the right tools. Next up, here is everything you must know about your land to house your farm animals.

You Probably Need More Land Than You Think You Do

Certain types of farm animals, such as chickens, hens, and ducks, don’t need much space for physical shelter. In fact, chickens and other game birds prefer their coops to be a bit cooped up. On the other hand, the space where your farm animals roam should be sufficiently spacious. Farm animals need an area to relieve themselves, fresh grass to munch on, and room to exercise and socialize. So, if you were expecting to dedicate 1/8 of an acre to house your animals, you might end up doubling or quadrupling the space you’ll need.

Clearing Trees, Rocks, and Other Natural Barriers

The physical act of clearing your land can be a project that only takes the span of a day, or it could take you weeks. The first consideration should be whether there are any trees or stumps present. By understanding the definition of best stump grinders, you will be in a position to choose the best equipment for your land clearing project. Heavy duty power equipment may be necessary for lifting and moving heavy rocks and stones, while stump grinders and woodchippers are not only convenient for eliminated foliage, they also work to put nutrients back into the land itself.

A Round Two Will Be Necessary

After you have cut down the trees, disposed of the branches, cleared the stumps, stones, rocks, and bounders, your expanse of land will likely be looking pretty good. However, you are probably going to be erecting structures, which means that the land also has to be clear below the surface. Horses and cows in particular should be housed in sturdy barns, as these powerful creatures are known to run off if not properly secured. Prepare yourself to go through the land clearing process all over again, but know that this time it should go a lot quicker.

Clearing your land is only the first half of the battle. Believe it or not, raising farm animals is actually lot more work because there is never an end in sight. You’ll need to food and water your animals, check them for injuries, and generally remain a constant presence around them. However, going through the trouble of clearing your land for animals is also an indicator that you are more than cut out for the live of a homesteader.

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