How to Hail-Proof Your Home This Winter

Hail is a common hazard for people living across the United States. If you don’t prepare, hail can cause serious damage to your property. Fortunately, hail-proofing your home is easy, and below we will outline some steps you can take.

Prepare the Exterior

Before storm season arrives, it is worth walking around your property and noting any areas that are particularly susceptible to damage. Every property is different, and the hazards facing your home during a hailstorm will depend on the precise layout and design of your home.

If you are concerned about high wind speeds along with hail, you might want to consider investing in storm shutters and hurricane straps. The shutters will protect your windows, whereas hurricane straps can be used to reinforce any roof to wall connections on your home.

Ensure Your Windows Are Secure

We have already mentioned storm shutters, which are essential pieces of equipment for anyone expecting to face storm conditions and hail. But there are other things you can do to secure your windows before a hailstorm arrives. You have probably heard the phrase ‘batten down the hatches’, even if you have never actually had to do so. Battening the hatches is a common technique for preventing damage to windows during a storm. You might also want to consider using blankets and other protective coverings to reduce the chances of a window shattering.

Bring Fragile Garden Furniture Inside

If you have any glass tables or other outdoor furniture that could be damaged by a hailstorm, bring it in before the storm arrives. It isn’t just glass that can be vulnerable to the impact of hail. Sufficiently large and heavy hailstones can also damage wood and plastic.

Hopefully, we don’t have to remind you to bring any outdoor pets inside before the hail arrives. It is not unheard of for large hailstones to cause fatal injuries to small animals. It is better to be safe than sorry in this regard.

Keep Pets and Children Away from Skylights and Doors

During a hailstorm, any exposed glass around your property is likely to be struck. Fortunately, most hailstorms are not sufficiently powerful to actually break the exterior glass on your property. However, you must prepare for this to occur, just in case. Make sure that pets and children stay well away from any skylights or window panes that might shatter in a storm.

Keep a Good Contractor on Speed Dial

No matter what steps you take to protect your home from hail, you cannot eliminate the possibility of property damage entirely. Therefore, it is good to keep a reliable and reputable contractor on speed dial just in case. Sufficiently large hail can cause severe damage to your roof.

A damaged roof is the kind of problem that you want to rectify as soon as possible after it occurs. Don’t waste time scrambling for the contact details for a suitable contractor. Instead, get all of that lined up before the issue arises. If you are unfortunate enough to suffer roofing damage from hail, you can get help from best roofers in Denver.

With all that in mind, you should be able to keep your property and family safe during a hailstorm. However, make sure you have the contact details for a professional who can help you recover from any damage that does occur.