Want To Lose Weight? Cut These Foods Out Of Your Diet

Don’t you wish to lose weight as quickly as you put on? Well, as surreal as it sounds, it is very much possible to lose all that fat once you cut out these foods from your diet and say goodbye to them forever!


Our body is not designed to absorb a copious amount of sugar. In fact, this is one of the foods that our bodies find very difficult to break down. So, it is going to be hard for sure but, bid adieu to those cakes, candies, brownies, cookies and all other foods that contain sugar. Should you crave for something sweet, you can have some dark chocolate and if you still can’t stop thinking about those sweet treats, you can distract yourself and play bingo online for some fun gaming time.


Surprised? You always thought coconut oil or olive oil is good for you but, that is not true. Oil is pure fat and it makes a significant contribution in adding up those calories. Try replacing oil with clarified butter which is easier to digest and will not store any fat in your body if you work out well.


Reducing your salt intake is an advice straight from every doctor’s book. Ideally, one should not consume more than 5% of salt. However, thanks to our love for junk and processed foods, we end up in consuming 90% of salt in our day to day lives! The only solution? Stick to the homemade meals and reduce the usage of salt while cooking.

Sweet breakfast cereals

You break open a box of the sweet breakfast cereals, pour some milk on it and you have your breakfast sorted but, before you stick to this routine each morning, consider this; artificially sweetened breakfast cereals are high in calories and has a low nutritional value. Substitute these cereals with fresh fruits that have natural sweeteners, whole wheat bread or egg whites which gives you good nutrition and are low in calories.

So, cut out on these foods, increase your water intake and make sure you work out for 30 minutes each day. Try this routine for 30 days straight and enjoy the fantastic results!