Top 10 ways to cut the habit on non-smoking day

On May 31st it is International Non-Smoking Day; if you have not kicked the habit already this is the time to do it!  As we all know, smoking is an extremely difficult habit to break and you need all the help you can get. However, doing new activities to keep you occupied is certainly a useful tip. So, we have put together (what we think) are the top 10 ideas to take your mind off cigarettes.

Whilst there are plenty of things you can do, we have tried to highlight the best tips that might help. Some may seem like simple activities whilst others are more exciting and fun which will hopefully swerve your mind from those cigarettes.

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We know it’s not easy kicking the smoking habit, but it’s definitely worth it.  One in five people in the UK still smoke so you are not alone, and most would like to stop. It’s not a cheap habit either, the cost of smoking racks up alarmingly.  The average price of 20 cigarettes is now over £10 – a pack a day and that’s £70 a week or a whopping £3600+ a year!