4 Surprising Benefits of a Nightly Hot Bath


In this fast-paced world in which we now live, most people take quick showers instead of those long, luxurious hot baths of days gone by. Whether we are just running short of time or believe showers to be healthier, there is something to be said for taking a nightly bath in hot water at least at a temperature of 43°. If you doubt just how many benefits there are to be had in a nightly hot bath, just take a look at what science has proven and you’ll be a believer. Consider these surprising benefits proven to be true.

1. Hot Baths Relieve Stress

This is one benefit you probably won’t disagree with. Anyone who has ever taken a hot bath after a particularly gruelling day knows just how soothing it is to submerge yourself in a tub full of comfortably hot water. Science shows that this can reduce pain and inflammation which often results from inordinate amounts of stress that force the body to be in a perpetual state of tension. For those who were around during the late 1970s, the Calgon television commercial says it all. “Take me away, Calgon.”

2. Boost Your Immunity with a Hot Bath

Because a warm to hot bath causes the blood to flow better, increased amounts of oxygen are carried to cells which are probably in need of nourishment and repair. Not only can a hot bath kill pathogens like bacteria, but on the flip side, a quick dip in cold water can help to promote healthier cells and is an amazing way to prevent necrosis. It is also said that cool to cold baths can help increase survival rates among those who suffer from cancer.

3. Helps to Relieve the Muscle and Joint Pain

If you have been diagnosed with conditions like osteoarthritis, laying back and stretching out in a warm bath can offer almost immediate relief. Why do you think doctors prescribe aqua therapy for patients with arthritis? Not only does stretching in hot water help to relieve the inflammation around those sore muscles and joints but it can reduce the risk of getting injured if you suffer a fall. It sure is a safer alternative to medications for the relief of pain.

4. Everyone Needs a Little Pampering

When all is said and done, isn’t it a lovely feeling to step up and out of a hot tub with all your muscles and nerves relaxed and free from the daily stresses that had you so wound up? Why not take that luxurious feeling one step further by stepping out into a nice cosy family robe and towel set? Designed for both men and women, you can find designer sets on Threel.co.uk that will have you feeling like a queen or king.

So then, if you’ve been considering the benefits to be had by a hot nightly bath, this is just the beginning. Don that designer robe after drying off with a matching towel and you will feel like you’ve just stepped into paradise. Get a good night’s sleep and watch how quickly you’ll really be looking forward to bath time. If you don’t feel like royalty, you didn’t soak long enough. Even so, don’t despair. Tomorrow’s another day.