Lightning and Office Productivity

Several factors can affect productivity in the office. Most of these factors are well known and therefore effectively dealt with. However, there are some factors like the lighting in a work office that are not well known and therefore not dealt with.

How does lighting affect office productivity?

When it comes to lighting, there is dim or harsh lighting. Both have negative effects on productivity in an office. Dim lighting can deter the mood of the office and turn it into a gloomy one. As a result, productivity will be affected. Dim lighting can also indirectly affect the mood of employees in an office. It can further lead to drowsiness and lack of focus. Just like how several factors can affect your winning chances at top online casinos game.

Harsh lighting seems to be more common than dim lighting. That is because the major components of harsh lightning are fluorescent lights, which are used in most offices world over. Fluorescent lighting causes a series of effects on the employees that will not only affect their productivity rate but also their health. Such lights have been known to cause eyes to strain as well as migraine headaches.

Solutions to Lightning in the Office

The best way that an office can combat the problem of lighting in the office is to go with natural lighting. Instead of actually using the electric lamps, try to go with more windows that will bring in the natural lighting. Only go for artificial lights when you have no choice. Studies have shown that natural lighting in offices can result in happier workers see the example on casino site

, they have great offices examples. Less absenteeism and fewer illness-related absenteeism.

Therefore, instead of the gloomy and boring office, you always add a little more light. Besides, vision is responsible for at least 80%-85% of the work that is done. Hence, it only makes sense that the lighting should be an important factor in productivity.