10 Reasons to Retire to Missouri

Missouri often appears high up on lists of the best states to retire to, and for good reason.

The “Show Me State” has a long list of attributes that make it attractive to seniors looking for a place to settle down.

Here are 10 reasons you should consider Missouri in your retirement plans.


Missouri is one of those states which see the four seasons. You can expect long, hot summers and picturesque snowy winters, perfect for anyone who enjoys seeing the year progress through the landscape and the weather.

A base for exploring

Not only does Missouri have the most neighbors (along with Tennessee), surrounded by eight states, St Louis is also known as the Gateway to the West, making it a great place to base yourself when exploring other states.

If domestic travel is part of your plan for retirement, this could be a big plus point.

Music and sport

If you’re into music, then St Louis has a ton of history you might be interested in and is home to the National Blues Museum.

Also attractive to sports fans, the city boasts a host of professional sports championships.

In addition to all this, assisted living in St Louis MO is available from providers McKnight Place and costs much less than the national average.

The Tri-Lakes

For water recreation, there a few places so picturesque to enjoy them than Branson, otherwise known as the Tri-Lakes.

It welcomes well over 50,000 visitors every day who go there to enjoy boating, fishing, and a whole lot more besides.

Forest bathing

If you haven’t tried forest bathing yet, you could give it a go in style during the Dogwood-Azalea Festival in Charleston, which takes place every year.

Covering a six-mile stretch, the trail is ablaze with beautiful blooms all looking their best towards the end of April.


Vineyards established by German settlers during the 19th century were the beginnings of Hermann’s winemaking history.

The city is recognized for its wines of exceptional quality and has several museums where you can learn about that rich history.


A key consideration for retirees is how much it costs to live somewhere, which makes Missouri so attractive to seniors, boasting one of the lowest rates of living in the country.

Holiday destination

National Geographic named Kansas City as one of the Best Trips of 2019 with family activities such as Kansas City Zoo and Science City. A great place to take the grandkids!

Rural or urban

Less than five percent of Missouri is made up of urban land, so if you’re looking to retire to the country, it has a lot of options.

Tax credit

Some seniors in Missouri are able to claim back credit each year on real estate taxes or rent. The Property Tax Credit Claim is worth up to $750 for renters and $1,100 for owners.

So if you are considering a move to make the most of your retirement, taking a look at what Missouri has to offer would be a wise move.