What Kind of Pet Should You Adopt?

If you never had a family pet growing up, making the move to get your first one can be overwhelming. Often times people want a pet but hesitate because they’re not sure if they are responsible enough to actually take care of it. But pets can vary widely in this area, and taking care of a fish isn’t the same as taking care of a dog, but that’s why you need to figure out what kind of animal suits your personality and availability best.  


Being the most popular pet option, there’s a reason these cuddly canines are referred to as man’s best friend. They create tight bonds with their owners and require the most attention of any other animal. They need daily walks for exercise, lots of food, and all the love you can give them. While many would argue that they are the best pet a person could ever hope to own—and they may very well be right—they are also the most work. In addition to needing daily walks, they also need to be taken outside to use the bathroom, can wail when you’re not around, and tend to be the most destructive, just narrowly edging out cats. But even with all that work, most owners wouldn’t dream of owning anything other than their floppy-eared companion and consider them part of the family.


Cats are another common pet choice, and if you’re not a dog person—somehow—then you’re probably a cat person. These stealthy felines can be as cuddly and affectionate as dogs, or they can have nothing to do with you; it’s a fifty-fifty toss-up. One day they could wake you up by pawing your chest and purring while you pet them, and the next they might push your cup off a desk and claw up your leg.

All you really need to worry about with owning a cat is consistently cleaning their litter box, and aside from that and the brushing, bathing, and booster shots—all things you’d want to do with a dog as well—there’s not much else that might surprise you. If you prefer an animal that does more than a rock but not as much as a dog, a cat is a perfect choice for you.

An Encased Animal

It might be cheating to lump every animal that needs a cage or case, but aside from very specific, niche priorities, they all require about the same level of care and attention. This covers animals like birds, turtles, lizards, snakes, tarantulas, rabbits, hamsters, fish, and more.

Just because you won’t have to take these animals for walks doesn’t mean they can be neglected. These are all animals that require their own unique care. For example, lizards and other reptiles may need heat lamps and birds will need special exercise. That being said, they aren’t as much work as dogs or even cats, so if you plan on being away from your house for hours at a time, opting for a caged animal might be just what you need.

The Perfect Companion

No matter what kind of pet you choose to adopt, you can bet that you’ll form a special bond with them and learn to take care of them the way they need to be. From now on when you come home from work, whether that be at a place like Northwest Surgery Center or a locally owned business, you’ll have the perfect little companion to welcome you back.