Wrestling Glossary

Wrestling is a great sport to partake in, it is also a great sport to watch and we have to admit that we have some of the best leroijohnny casino en ligne wrestling games as well. But in order to know the sport, there are some words that you will have to know as well. That is why today, we give you the wrestling glossary.

Common Words Used In Wrestling

  • Angle: A series of events like a storyline, e.g when Kane attacked Linda McMahon on RAW, it was set up for Shane McMahon to fight Kane at Unforgiven.
  • Baby face: a wrestler who the fans consider to be good guy
  • Blading: When a wrestler cuts themselves to draw out blood in a match.
  • Blow up: Using certain moves like submission to take a rest during a match.
  • Caned Heat: Using pre-recorded noise to make the matches sound livelier.
  • Clean Finish: A match that ends on a clean slate, without any foul play.
  • Dusty Finish: When a second referee comes in to end the match after the first one has been knocked out. Did you know that at the online casino you can bet on non-athletic sport like wrestling and stand a chance to
  • Green: A word used to describe an inexperienced wrestler.
  • Hardway: When a wrestler bleeds out without blading being used.
  • Heel: The bad guy whom the crowd never loves.
  • Jobber: A wrestler who is paid to lose to their wrestlers.
  • Light: When a wrestler throws very light punches without the audience noticing it.
  • Mark: A wrestler who is gullible and believes everything that happens in the ring.
  • No Sell: When a wrestler is thrown a punch, but they don’t move to often give off the impression that they are invincible.
  • Paper: A term used when free tickets are given away to make a larger crowd.
  • Potato: when a wrestler really hits another opponent to cause them pain.
  • Screw Job: A match that ends in a way that the fans are not satisfied with.