Tips to Keep Kids Involved in Home Cleaning

It’s challenging to keep a home clutter-free, especially when you have little kids at home. However, depending on the age of your youngsters, you can involve them in the decluttering process and in keeping the house clean. If you have little ones who can already understand instructions and can do simple tasks on their own, here are some tips on how to get their help in cleaning the house and keeping it organized.

Explain why you need to declutter

Kids will be up for the job if they know the benefits of doing it. Explain to them that decluttering will make the home a better place to live in because it will be more relaxing. They can also find treasures that may have been hidden somewhere for a long time, which they may have already forgotten. It will also be easier for them to find things that they need next time.

A Blacktown rubbish removal company says it’s also a fantastic opportunity to teach them about sharing and recycling. Let them know that the toys or things they no longer need can make other kids happy. Recycling, on the other hand, is one way to save the environment as it lessens the trash that needs to be disposed of in landfills, and with the new products created from the process, fewer raw resources are also used.

Let them sort their things

Give them three boxes so they can sort things into those they want to keep, give away, and those that are broken. While you want to share with other children, you also want to ensure that they enjoy toys that are still working. If they are broken, include them in your things to throw away. A company offering junk removal in West Palm Beach can help you get rid of the trash you accumulated in the decluttering process. Items in the ‘to give away’ box can either be donated or sold.

Put things in their proper places

Give every item its home and let your kids know that they need to put them back after they use them. Separate toys into groups and put those in the same group in one box. For instance, put art materials together and dolls or toy cars together.

Reward the kids based on their interest

The reward doesn’t need to be expensive; it doesn’t even have to be monetary or material, as long as it will motivate your children in decluttering. You may promise them to get their favorite ice cream once done. Other kids also get motivated when they are praised, so make sure to let them know that they are doing a great job and that you appreciate their help.

Start a garage sale

Aside from donating the things that must go, another option is to have a garage sale. Encourage the kids to help and let them keep the money for their items sold.

After the decluttering project, continue keeping kids involved in maintaining the home’s cleanliness. Delegate tasks that they can do, like making their beds as soon as they get up and emptying the garbage can.