Exploring the Use of CBD to Treat Acne

For many years, people have used natural products to enhance their skin, thus making it healthy and beautiful. Among the most common options of natural skincare products is cannabidiol (CBD), which is a compound obtained from the cannabis plant. It is because of this connection that products with CBD have been used as possible medications for acne. There are also CBD products in use as pain relievers, for topical application, or as skin softeners.

Understanding acne

Acne is a skin condition that comes about due to accumulation of sebum, dirt, and dead cells leading to the blockage of the pores. Propionibacterium acnes, a type of bacteria, can multiply in the pores, resulting in painful red blemishes. Acne is the most common human skin condition and most people have struggled with it at one time or another in their life either occasionally or every day.

There is a horde of factors that influence acne, and some of them are hormonal imbalance, too much sebum production, and hereditary factors. The severity of the symptoms of this condition could be aggravated by stress levels, diet, certain medications, and so on.

CBD for acne

Having understood acne, its treatment entails the maintenance of skin hygiene to keep the acne-causing bacteria at bay. It also calls for ensuring that there is no excess oil which could fill up the pores. The majority of studies on CBD and acne revolve around the process which causes the condition, for instance, accumulation of excess sebum (the oily substance).

One of the studies that showed great promise for the use of CBD to deal with acne was done in 2014 and was published in the Journal of Clinical investigations. The study focused on the effect of CBD on the human sebocytes (the cell that produces sebum). Researchers observed that CBD caused these cells not to create excess sebum. The researchers also observed that CBD had an anti-inflammatory effect on the cells and hindered the activation of the inflammatory cytokines.

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Another study in 2016 that reviewed the cannabis plant and showed that it can help to prevent diseases or conditions resulting from bacterial and fungal infections. But even with the great promises that results from these studies show for CBD in treating acne, there has not been trials on humans.  There is a need for human CBD trials that will show direct evidence of its efficacy for doctors to recommend CBD oil as a treatment for acne.

How to use CBD to treat acne

While using CBD on your skin, you need it to mix it with a carrier oil so that you can then apply it directly. You need to choose a carrier oil that is friendly to your skin, and you can choose olive oil, organ oil, shea butter, or coconut oil. You can also take CBD orally because the anti-inflammatory compounds will still affect you when they get into the body. However, the topical application could be the best mode of administering CBD to treat acne since studies on the compound and skin have involved direct application to the sebaceous cells of the skin.


The evidence from studies shows that CBD oil has potential to treat acne. It works by acting on the cells that produce sebum to cut on the production of excess oil and reduce inflammation. However, you need to seek your skincare expert’s advice before using CBD oil on your skin. You should also buy the products from reliable vendors to be sure that you are getting uncontaminated and high-quality products.