Styling Tips for Plus Size Women

Dressing as a plus-size woman can be extremely difficult. However, this isn’t because there isn’t clothing out there. Sometimes, it’s just about having the confidence to wear what you want. Remember that life is too short to be concerned with what you should wear and what other people will think.

1. Embrace your shape

Attempting to hide your shape can result in you wearing unflattering and baggy clothing. This will not make you feel good about yourself. So, rather than trying to hide any part you perceive as a flaw, wear clothes that you feel good in and that make you happy. Confidence is always fashionable!

2. Try on several different sizes

When you go shopping, don’t just stick to the size you think you are. A size 18 in one shop may not be the same fit as a size 18 in another shop. It is therefore good to experiment with sizes because you might surprise yourself with what you can fit into and it could end up looking better than wearing the size you normally buy!

3. Find clothes that flatter your specific shape

Not all women have the same body shape. Just because a certain outfit suits someone you know, doesn’t mean it will suit you, especially if you have different body shapes. Work out what body shape you have and then research what styles of clothing best flatter it. There’s no point buying clothes that don’t make you look and feel great.

4. Try some knee-high boots

Thigh-high boots elongate the legs and add a feeling of sass and confidence. Not only do they add a bit of glam, but they are also very stylish now. Combine a pair of mesh tights with thigh-highs on top to flatter your thicker legs and make them look sexy. This combination will also make you feel confident.

5. Don’t hide from your curves

If you wear oversized clothes to camouflage your body, you can end up making yourself look bigger than you are. If you embrace your clothes, you will be able to find clothing that is a lot more flattering. For some fashion inspiration look at this plus size boutique UK, they stock a wide range of glamorous and flattering clothing for plus size women.

6. Know your fabrics

Know what fabrics you like and dislike. Sometimes certain fabrics can cling to your skin and accentuate all the parts of your figure that you don’t want people to see. Knowing this information will make shopping both in-store and online a lot easier and enjoyable.

7. Belts can be your best friend

Belts are amazing, especially if they are wide. Unlike tailoring, belts are inexpensive and make a huge impact on how your clothes fit. They can make the difference between an outfit looking frumpy or completely put together. A wide belt will hide the extra fabric and make you look amazing.

8. Sometimes, less is more

When it comes to accessories, less is more. Jewelry can be fun if you can find matching styles for your finger type, but sometimes you don’t need it to look your best. Don’t feel as though you must cover yourself in it to make yourself feel beautiful.