Upholstery cleaning service included in End of tenancy cleaning. 

The upholstery in your property can often get forgotten about, sofas, curtains, mattresses all need to be regularly cleaned. This is to remove any dust and dirt build up that you cannot see or initially smell. Curtains are usually found in almost every room in your property, they all collect dust particles every day. Imagen not dusting a surface for a week. You’d see considerable dust build up at the end of that week, on curtains dust build up is not always visible however that doesn’t mean it’s not there. Build up of dust and dirt can affect the colouring of the fabric also, so when moved you may notice a change in the original colour. Regular cleaning can help keep the fabric from discolouring and help to keep them smelling fresh. 

The same applies to carpets and sofas, sofas are prone to spillages. If left uncleaned a stain can penetrate the deeper fibres and this will make it much harder to remove later on. Catching a spillage early on can make removing 100 times easier. Premium Clean uses the best steam cleaning machine available and we have been able to remove even the toughest of stains, Red wine, Coffee, Mud even Oil stains have been successfully removed using our professional methods. Our machine cleans using higher temperatures allowing us to soak the stain for a short time but enough to loosen the dirt particles from the fibres. We do this whilst sucking up all of the access water and dirt in a matter of seconds. 

The products we use are all eco friendly but don’t let that make you think they’re not as strong as other cleaners. They are perfect for removing all kinds of stains and dirt. The machine we use also has two separate water tanks one for dirty water and one for clean so we are always able to clean your furnishings using clean water only. Mattresses we would say require more frequent cleaning, this is because sweat and dead skin builds up on them much quicker than other furnishings. We believe it’s very important to have your mattresses professionally steam cleaned  at least once every 6 months. We can remove sweat stains and all dust and skin particles in one cleaning. Leaving dust to build up can result in bed bugs and all other kinds of bacteria. 

This isn ot good for your health and could lead to ongoing skin problems or even respiratory problems if left for long periods of time. Because we are able to steam clean using higher temperatures this also eliminates any mites, bugs or germs that are present, killing 99 percent in on cleaning service. I don’t know about you but I’d say it’s a price worth paying to ensure that your mattresses, sofas and upholstery are kept fresh and clean. Not only that but it can extend the life of the upholstery to save you money in the long run if you would have had to replace these items completely. 

Booking with us is so easy and we can offer after care services as well to help maintain inbetween cleaning, scotchgard is a well known invisible barrier to help stains from setting in the fabrics fibres, it is an additional service however we do advise it as it can help repel staining for a longer period of time allowing you time to mop it up before it sinks in, you can call, email or Whatsapp message us for free advice or even a free no obligation quote. We can discuss dates and times with you to help you find the best time for you and we will always do our best to work around your schedule. Operating 7 days a week and also available on bank holidays and weekends allows us to offer a wide range of time slots for you.