Some of the key factors behind the growth of women in politics!


To learn why droves of women are seeking careers in politics, Crystal Clanton thinks it’s well worth continuing reading to discover some of the key factors behind the growth of women in politics. As in recent years the number of women who have campaigned for political positions has skyrocketed.

Some of the key factors behind the growth of women in politics:

  1. Millennial women are more likely to get into politics than previous generations of women

As many millennial born women are now in their twenties and thirties and old enough to seek out professional careers, a growing number of millennial women have chosen to pursue political science degrees and to enter the complex world of politics.

As while past generations of women, were encouraged to be homemakers or to enter fields which were traditionally dominated by women such as nursing, today’s generation of young women were born into a world, where politics was always seen as a viable, attainable career for women.

  1. Many countries around the world have boasted strong female politicians who have served as role models for young women and girls

Another reason why a greater number of women are choosing to pursue political careers is that a wide variety of groundbreaking females have been elected to high profile political roles such as prime minister and president.

Examples of some of the many countries who have already elected a female head of state include Israel, Argentina, New Zealand, India, the Philippines, the United Kingdom, Sri Lanka, Iceland, Norway, Germany, Australia, Canada, Ireland, Brazil, Liberia and South Korea. Which means that every continent on Earth has boasted a country which has elected a female as their head of state.

Which has no doubt, inspired countless women and girls to pursue a lifelong career in politics. As if young girls group up and see women leading their countries, they’ll be far more likely to be inspired to pursue a career in politics.

  1. In the US, politics has become a popular career choice for women after Hillary Clinton became the very first woman to run for office in the US

While Hillary Clinton wasn’t ultimately elected as the President of the United States, Clinton did break major ground in becoming the very first woman to contest the presidential office in the United States of America. Furthermore, Clinton comfortably won the popular vote and received more votes to become the President of the United States than her opponent Donald Trump. However, Donald Trump was elected as the President of the United States due to the country’s electoral college system.

Another reason why women are seeking out political careers in droves as that many women are disgusted by the changes which President Donald Trump implemented which directly impact women’s rights over their own bodies, which inspired women to seek out careers in politics in order to protect the rights and interests of women across America. As without adequate representation, women’s issues will still be decided by middle-aged men.

In short, there are a wide variety of factors which are responsible for the soaring numbers of women in politics both in the USA and on the international stage!