4 Innovative Customer-Support Solutions for 2019


It’s no surprise that the most successful businesses are also those that place the highest priority on customer support. Indeed, it’s nearly impossible for any operation to survive and thrive without the aid of a loyal base of repeat customers. Solid customer support not only ensures that your best leads will return multiple times over, but that they’ll also share their positive experiences online in the form of social-media posts and third-party reviews. Considering that the new year is now upon us, it’s the perfect time to revamp your customer-support strategy. Check out these four highly effective solutions here: 

Inter-Departmental Collaboration

Many businesses place far too much value on the distinctions between marketing, sales, and customer service. Rather, the reality is, all three aspects of any given business work toward the same goal: customer satisfaction. Organizations that segment their employees unnecessarily prevent team members from collaborating together to offer customers the best assistance possible. Instead of keeping your employees in the dark, encourage them to meet regularly to discuss inter-departmental issues. 

Integrate Tech Wisely

It’s no secret now that technology can assist business owners in a diverse number of exciting ways. However, there’s a significant difference between frivolously purchasing tech upgrades and making smart tech investments. Indeed, well-meaning entrepreneurs may feel compelled to integrate cutting-edge technology like chatbots or automated features into their website –– even if their staff doesn’t understand how to handle them. Remember, any tech advancement has to provide a tangible benefit to both your customers and your team members. Thankfully, there are plenty of upgrades like an RMS point of sale system that are highly beneficial and simple to use at the same time. 

Something for Nothing

In advertising, “free” is a special term that resonates with consumers across demographics. Businesses that take a risk and offer their loyal clientele something for nothing have a much greater chance at striking up meaningful relationships than those that don’t. Keep in mind that a one-time expense like this could yield major dividends if deployed properly. 

Follow Up

Plenty of consumers will have no problem telling you if they experienced an issue with your product or service. Yet, invariably, other shoppers will walk away from your operation silently unsatisfied. This is a major concern for all retailers. To prevent this from happening, make it a point to follow up with first-time customers. A short, automated email that provides new customers the opportunity to offer feedback will produce a huge number of valuable insights over time. In the end, the more interactions you have with your customers, the better you can service them in the future.

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