Should I Charter a Jet For My Next Vacation?

It’s been some time since you had a proper vacation. Why not make sure the plans ensure that you have a good time from the moment you step outside your door? One way to do that is to find a Novajet private jet to hire that can take you to and from your vacation destination. Here are some of the reasons why chartering a jet makes a lot of sense.

Departing and Returning Closer to Home

The nice thing about charter jets is that they can often land in airports found in smaller cities and towns. If you plan on visiting a resort or a vacation spot that’s not near a major airport, there’s a good chance that a smaller one is close by. Thanks to the jet charter, you can land much closer and spend less time getting from the airport to the place where you will stay.

The same holds true when you’re ready to return home. There’s no long drive into the big city to catch the return flight. A charter jet can be waiting at the local airport on the day you plan on leaving. With no need to change flights during the trip, you can settle in and have a nap as you make your way home.

Comfortable and Roomy Seating

It’s no secret that flying economy class on a commercial airline means being crammed into seats that may or may not be a good fit. You won’t find that issue on most charter jets. Every seat has enough room for you to feel comfortable. That goes a long way toward ensuring you’re rested and relaxed by the time you get to where you’re going. It also means you’re less likely to have sore or stiff muscles from sitting in a cramped space.

Not Bound by Commercial Airline Schedules

Opting to work with a service that knows the task of private jet management well means you don’t have to deal with commercial airline schedules. Instead, you work with the service to set up a departure and return date that works for you. There’s no need to deal with getting up before dawn to get to the airport and catch a flight. Instead, you arrive at the airport in time to get to the gate where the jet is waiting, board, and settle in while the pilot arranges everything for the takeoff.

All the Amenities That You Want

Many charter services make it easy to arrange for all sorts of amenities. Did you know it’s possible to have food catered in advance? You can also make sure there are amusements on board for you and your family to enjoy. That includes Internet access as well as music, movies, and other forms of entertainment. Instead of having to settle for what would be provided on a commercial flight, you get to select what works for you.

If you’ve never flown on a charter flight before, consider using this mode of transportation for your next vacation. Once you see how well it works and what it means in terms of getting the vacation off to a great start, the idea of taking a commercial flight will never hold any appeal again.