Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Escorts

Whether you have hired escorts several times before or it’s your first time hiring one, there might be things that you still don’t know about this industry. There are various reasons why you might get an escort service, for sex or for company, etc. To understand better about this field, here are some of the things that you probably haven’t heard of about it.

Prostitutes and escorts are different

Although both prostitutes and escorts may offer sex, the latter offers a different kind of experience. Prostitutes typically give a straightforward service. They will have sex, get paid, and that’s it. Escorts, on the other hand, can give you more than that. They will make the experience feel more intimate. Furthermore, there are agencies for cheap London escorts that ensure that their girls are professional and well-groomed. It means that you can take them even to special events and you will not be disappointed.

Escorts make a lot of money

Escorts do not just work to get by. It is a lucrative job that pays a lot, which is why many women get interested in this line of work. They spend money to ensure that they are presentable, which is why their rates are also fair for the service that they provide. Plus, they ensure that the client is highly satisfied with their service, so you will get your money’s worth.

Most are smart and classy

Many escorts are educated. Also, many agencies train their girls to ensure that they can carry themselves well in any event or gathering. As mentioned, you can take them to any occasion or formal event, and you will be proud to have them by your side. They are not only physically attractive, but they are smart, and they will be able to mingle well with all types of people.

Rules vary in different countries

The rules when it comes to escort services are different from one country or city to another. It may be legal in one city but illegal in others. If it is legal in a specific place, there might still be particular laws that apply. For instance, an escort in London must be of legal age to provide this service. The minimum legal age considered here is 18 years old.

They have a secret language

There is a secret language used in the industry, and it is often used to conceal the meaning of the words, especially in cities where it is illegal. You may still want to learn some of them even if you are getting the service where it is legal to impress your escort or to create a good impression. Some of these words are GFE or girlfriend experience and CBJ, which is oral sex with a condom.

It’s not just about sex

While hiring an escort usually involves sex, it’s not always like this all the time. You may hire an escort just because you want someone to accompany you to an event or during your stay in the city.

Now that you know more about the escort service industry, you will have a better understanding of escorts, which will help you have a better experience when hiring one.