Vitamins For Your Dog According To His Weight

Just like with human beings, how much medication that is administered to a dog depends on two things: his age and weight. It is therefore essential for you to know all about your dog’s weight before attempting to treat him. Moreover, that’s why its always advisable to visit your experienced vet for a second opinion for your dog’s safety.

The last thing you want to do is put your dog’s life in danger. Thanks to his or her experience, your vet will give you instructions accordingly. For instance, if your dog needs vitamins, then your vet will determine the perfect dose of vitamins for medium dogs without putting your dog in danger.

Different Medications for Dogs According to Size

The reason why you’ll need a vet to help you is that different medications have different administration for the same weight class. So, once you’ve determined just how much your dog weighs, your next order of business should be finding how much of the specific medication you’ll be required to give the dog and the number of times a day.

It will do you much good to keep in mind that too little medication will be ineffective while too much can end up killing your beloved pet. That’s why precision is critical when all is said and done. The best way you can hack this is by getting yourself a dosage chart for your dog. The different categories of medication that you’ll need for your dog include anti-parasitic medicines, pain medication, antibiotics, anti-fungal medication and so forth.

Some of the antibiotics for your dog include Amoxicillin which will help with the elimination of a bacterial infection. Your dog will need an Amoxicillin dose of 5-10 mg for every pound. So if your dog is fifty pounds, then your dog will need 250 – 500 mg of amoxicillin administered once or twice a day, depending on the vet’s recommendation. Amoxicillin is just one of the many antibiotics that you can give to your dog.

You will need to get your hands on a reliable chart and keep it in your home. The same also applies to anti-fungal medication. One of the best anti-fungal medicines for your pet is none other than Fluconazole. Apart from being administered only once a day, you’ll be required to give it at 5-6 mg for every pound. If you do this correctly, then the fungal infection will be eradicated within the shortest time possible. It is also essential to note that just like humans, some medications may not be sufficient to some dogs.

Some dogs might also be allergic to a particular medication, and that’s why you’ll need to visit your vet before trying out something new. It would help if you also resisted the urge to give your dog medication meant for humans since our physiology differs a great deal. If you insist on using human medicine on your dog, then you ought to check online for medications that are safe for dogs before trying out anything.

Knowing the dosage is essential since there has been an increase in animal disease in the recent past. Also, that makes it very important for you to learn a thing or two about how you can treat your dog from the comfort of your home. Thankfully, once you’ve determined all about it, you’ll have absolutely nothing to worry about since it won’t change, unless of course, your dog gets more prominent.

It is essential for you to take note of the type of dog breeds you own since their size and weights will determine their medication. If you aren’t that good with this, then it would be in your best interest to let your vet do all the medicine first. After you’ve visited your vet, then you can proceed and use the measurements that he or she would recommend on your behalf.

You can also use the Internet to get more information if you don’t have access to a vet. Make use of the information online which you can find through comprehensively written articles as well as informative, beautifully done YouTube videos for your consumption. Finally, remember that it takes time for you to master this, so instead of sweating it yourself, make sure you are gradually improving.