Healthy Insects

People often jump at the sight of an insect. Which makes sense, insects are creepy and they look scary. Unfortunately, even though most of these bugs are an eyesore, they are a few insects that are quite good to eat.

Why eat insects?

Why would anyone eat anything that we battle with insecticides? This is a popular question that is asked when it comes to eating insects. According to professionals in the field, these bugs contain a high protein content, they have good fats and they have fibre. This all generally spells out good for the body, whether we like it or not. And if you are looking for an easy way to get rid of a few insects, just look for the edible ones, round them up, toss them in a pan, cook them, and serve them for dinner. The money saved from not buying insecticides will be a healthy addition to your canada online casino gambling bankroll.

A Few Popular Insects to Try

If you haven’t tried them yet, here are a few insects to try that are good for the body.


Beetles are part of the most common insects that eaten in the world. Not all of them though, just a few like, the long-horned, June, dung and rhinoceros beetles. These are consumed by people in the Amazon and parts of Africa.

Why eat beetles, well they can turn cellulose from trees into digestible fats. Please note, that this cellulose before the beetles work their magic, is indigestible to humans. Also, beetles are high in protein. Are you surprised by this? Maybe you haven’t heard the shocking news that at aus pokies, you can stand a chance of winning great cash prizes.


Why sweep them away, when you can turn them into a meal. Most ants are edible, for instance, 100 grams of red ants can give 14 grams of protein. This a bit more protein than eggs can give. Edible ants are also rich in calcium, iron and other nutrients. If you on a diet, try a few ant varieties as they are low in carbs.

Flies and Mosquitoes

Who would guessed two of the most annoying insects in the world were edible. Depending on where you are from in the world, mosquitoes and flies are a delicacy. National Geographic mentions that “Flies that develop on various types of cheeses take on the flavour of their host, and the species from water habitats may taste like duck or fish”.