8 Fun Things About Being Pregnant

Pregnancy is a special time in any woman’s life, and while it there may be ups and downs throughout the journey, there are some things that you can truly enjoy. From the conception to the birth can feel like a really long time, as you contend with your changing body and raging hormones. However, there are some really fun aspects of pregnancy to keep you excited about becoming a mom. Here is a list of some of the fun things about being pregnant!

  1. People Smile at You

When you have a baby bump, be prepared to get a lot of attention! Shopping for groceries, getting a snack from a café, or strolling in a park, lots of people notice your bump and smile. They’ll often strike up a conversation too, and you’ll wish you had a dollar for each time someone asked you if it is a boy or a girl!

  1. Fetus Growth Charts

One of the most fun and obsessive things about pregnancy is learning as much as you can about how big your baby is at this very moment. There are fetal growth charts online that will tell you exactly how big your baby is depending on how many weeks pregnant you are. You’ll feel amazed when it is the size of a peanut, joyous when it reaches the size of a grape and excited when the size of an orange! Fetus growth charts also tell you what part of the baby is developing such as eyes and fingernails and is a fun guide to what is going on in your belly.

  1. Feeling those Kicks

At first, you are not sure if you are feeling the kicks of your baby inside your tummy as the sensations are light, but as your pregnancy progresses, there is no mistaking it. You’ll be sitting quietly, and all of a sudden your whole belly will move by itself. Getting your partner, family, and friends to feel the kicks too is also a great experience and one that helps everyone bond with the baby before it is born.

  1. Scans

You have your ultrasound scan booked and have been looking forward to it for weeks. Seeing your baby inside your womb, hearing and seeing its heart beating is truly magical. It makes everything seem more real. At later scans, you can find out what gender the baby is, if you want to do so. At your scan, you will be given a photo of your baby that you can take home and show to family and friends.

  1. Naming the Baby

One of the most important decisions you will make is what to name your baby, and it will give you hours of time wondering whether ‘Felix’ sounds too posh, ‘Ruby’ too old-fashioned or ‘John’ too common. You will look up baby names such as the baby name ideas by Pampers, and discover weird and wonderful names you’ve never heard of. What makes even more fun, are the debates you will have with your partner, who is likely to think of names that you find ridiculous.

Other people in your family like to have their input too, and you won’t be short of suggestions, such as naming the baby after a beloved grandfather, uncle or aunt. The decision though is for you and your partner, and it can take nine months or longer to agree!

  1. The Pregnant Glow

There are some aspects of pregnancy that work wonders for your appearance. The increased amounts of hormones in your body means that your hair and nails grow more quickly, and your skin feels smooth. Your shape becomes extra feminine, with curves and larger breasts.

While some women might not feel it, the pregnant body is something to be admired. So enjoy your new look and radiant glow!

  1. Preparing for Birth

While you might feel nervous about the birthing process, nothing feels more exciting during pregnancy than thinking about, and planning it. Most women come up with their ideal birth plan, such as a water birth with scented candles and music, a home birth, or a natural birth without pain relief. Consider what will make you feel most relaxed and comfortable and write it down to share with your partner and the midwife team who will be helping to deliver your baby.

Another fun thing about the birth is getting your hospital bag packed with all the things you will need, including the tiny vests, diapers, rompers and hats for your newborn.

  1. Waiting for Labor

When you reach 38 weeks of gestation, you feel so large and heavy that you can’t wait to give birth. Waiting for signs of labor is the one thing that occupies your thoughts and you are now heavily tuned into your bodily functions. With every twinge you have in your stomach you wonder whether labor is starting, only to discover you have a case of gas. You look eagerly for the signs that shows that your cervix is dilating, and you have lengthy conversations with people who say that your bump has lowered, meaning baby’s head is engaged and in position for birth.

You wait and wait, and read all you can about ways to get labor started. You try eating pineapple, a spicy curry, a brisk walk or you might even try sex. Still nothing. By now the anticipation is almost too much! Then, when you are beginning to feel fed up and wondering if this baby will ever come out, you notice that funny ache you had earlier in your back has got stronger, and you can feel tightening sensations across your tummy…

There are lots to think about when pregnant, and while some of it can feel daunting, the specialness of it makes it really exciting too. Once baby arrives, you will be so busy that being pregnant quickly gets forgotten about as you journey into motherhood. Make the most of the special feeling of pregnancy, and enjoy it!

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  1. Being pregnant is a good feeling because I know I am carrying a new life in me that will be an additional to my family. Feeling the kicks in my belly makes me feel excited to see my baby in my arms.

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