5 Houseplants That Could Speed Up Your Weightloss Journey

If you are on a weight loss spree, then continue reading this article, written just for you. You must have been hitting the gym almost regularly and taking supplements too for a healthier and more fit body. Weight loss is a journey, not something that could happen overnight. It demands dedication and commitment. Although, gym trainers and dieticians do refer certain add-ons, known to boost the process but they come with some side effects.

We are going to tell you some natural agents that will help you in the weight loss without a single side effect. Some commonly found house plants have active agents that can burn fat or increase your metabolism to help your body work in a proper way and hence, lose some weight. Read on to know about those green friends who could help you out naturally.

1. Dendrobium Orchids

Commonly found and loved for their beauty, this pretty orchid plant carry much health benefits too. When it comes to this plant, it is more than just what meets the eye. It’s leaves can be used to make tea which can promote weight loss. It is a tough plant that only looks fragile. It can withstand direct sunlight and needs water once a week only.

2. Aloevera

The most commonly found indoor plants in India, Aloe Vera does more to the body than just healing skin and provide moisture to it. Fresh aloe vera juice is known to increase metabolism of the body which leads to rapid digestion and breakdown of food. It reduces the storage of fat in the body and thus, helps in weight loss.

3. Tea Plant

Scientifically known as camellia sinensis, this plant is rich in antioxidants. Various researches have shown that it is beneficial on obesity issues. The extracts of this plant when administered carefully for 8 weeks can produce visible results as it reduces weight and burns fat. It restricts body weight gain.

4. Hibiscus

Studies have shown that the extract of this common houseplant can produce amazing results by reducing weight gain when taken daily for 60 days. It has anti obesity effect on the body is proved to be beneficial for liver too. The consumption of the extract of this plant can reduce body weight, BMI, body fat and the waist-to-hip ratio. It is a water loving plant which requires adequate sunlight to grow properly.

5. Common Bean or French Bean Plant

The richness of protein in this plant is not a secret and that is exactly how it works, by building lean muscles and not allowing fat to creep in.  Having these beans in your daily diet can help with fifty percent weight loss within 20 days, of course with regular diet and exercise. It is an herbaceous annual plant which break down complex carbohydrates to simple absorbable sugars, thus reducing the carbohydrate derived calories in the body.

6. Rosemary

It is an evergreen perennial shrub that is commonly found around the world. Largely used as a spice, food supplement and for cosmetic applications, it promotes weight loss too. It significantly reduce weight and fat mass gain thus lending a lean look to the body. Intaking its leaves increases the fat excretion in fecal matter which does not bother with food intake. Rosemary tea is also known to enhance memory.

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