What Makes a Good CEO

If you’re interested in finding out about some of the unique attributes which most great CEOs share, simply continue reading to discover some of the many qualities which Pedro Martin believes makes a good CEO.

What makes a good CEO:

  1. A healthy work ethic

As CEOs are responsible for overseeing and managing every facet of a company, a good CEO needs to have a strong, work ethic. As most CEOs end up working long days and taking their work home with them on a daily basis.

  1. Great communication skills

As a CEO is often the primary spokesperson for a business, CEOs will be required to give important speeches and announcements on a daily basis. So it’s extremely important that CEOs and potential CEOs regularly work on their communication skills.

Especially as CEOs will also spend the majority of their working hours in important meetings and will be in constant communication with their managers and executives. Each of whom will provide their CEO with up to the minute information about how their particular department is faring.

  1. Honesty and integrity

CEOs who build a reputation for being honest and straightforward will be more likely to win over their employees, managers, and clients. As a CEO who dishonest and is caught lying on numerous occasions will soon start to negatively affect the reputation of their company. As if a CEO has no integrity, it’s highly unlikely that their company will have integrity.

  1. People management skills

Great CEOs will also boast great management skills and will be able to get the best out of each of their managers and top-level executivies. Better yet, great CEOs will also be able to inspire their employees to strive harder in their roles and to pursue professional opportunities within the company.

As an example, a CEO may recognize untapped potential in an employee which they’ll be able to nurture. As if employees develop their professional skills, they may be able to use their new skills for the betterment of the company.

  1. The ability to multi-task

It’s extremely important that a CEO be able to multi-task as there will be times where a CEO may have to handle two or more crucial tasks at the same time. As an example, a CEO may have to make an important, time-sensitive decision on route from one important business meeting to another crucial business meeting. Whilst still finding the time to respond to a few crucial work emails from some of their business’ top clients.

  1. The ability to keep calm under pressure

Being a CEO is one of the most stressful jobs in the world, so it’s important that potential CEOs learn how to remain cool, calm and collected under immense pressure to perform. As a business’ successes and failures will normally be attributed to their current CEOs.

Hopefully, after reading the above article, you have a much clearer idea of some of the unique attributes which most great CEOs share. Which will be extremely useful if you have dreams of becoming a CEO in the near future and are looking to increase your chances of being offered a position as a CEO.