Esther Nenadi Usman: Nigerian Hero

If you’re interested in learning about the inspirational political career of one of Nigeria’s most loved politicians, it’s well worth continuing reading on to learn about one of Nigeria’s beloved heroes, Esther Nenadi Usman.

Esther Nenadi Usman: Nigerian Hero

  1. Esther Usman was born in Kaduna

Esther Nenadi Usman was born in Kaduna, the state capital of Kaduna State, which is located in North West Nigeria. Kaduna is a cosmopolitan city and the 9th most populated city in Nigeria, with a sizeable population of around 760,000 residents.

  1. Before she chose to enter politics Usman was a fully qualified teacher

As Esther Nenadi Usman has served multiple high profile roles as a senior politician, you may be surprised to find out that Usman chose to become a teacher, before she discovered her calling to enter politics. In fact, Usman taught at public schools in Nigeria for several years before she decided to retire from teaching, in favor of pursuing a political career.

  1. Esther Usman pursued a political career, in order to improve the daily lives of Nigerians

While a large proportion of politicians get into politics in order to gain status and power, Usman wasn’t interested in either status or power and instead entered the political sphere in order to use her skills and talents to improve the daily lives of Nigerians from all classes and backgrounds.

  1. Usman sought to use her influential position to highlight the value of education to Nigeria’s economy

As a former teacher, Esther Usman was also motivated by the opportunity to promote the value to Nigeria as a country, of encouraging it’s youngsters to stay in school and to pursue higher education. As in some regional parts of Nigeria, many parents would prevent their children from attending school and obtaining a formal education, in favor of sending their children to work at a young age.

As the Minister For Finance, Usman had a strong voice to promote the many benefits to the Nigerian economy of increasing the percentage of students who left high school with a high school qualification. Which would also give high school students the opportunity to continue on and attend university in order to earn a bachelor’s degree, in their chosen area of study.

  1. Esther Usman became an inspiration to multiple generations of Nigerian girls and women

As a politician, Esther Nenadi Usman served numerous executive political positions. As well as serving as the Minister For Finance, Esther also served as a commissioner and a senator. Which showed multiple generations of Nigerian women that women could achieve any position in the Nigerian government and should work hard to pursue their dreams and goals. As one doesn’t have to be a middle-aged male, in order to be elected to a highly coveted office.

One of the reasons why Esther Nenadi Usman is one of Nigeria’s best-beloved heroes is that she inspired Nigerians of all ages, backgrounds, and genders to come together to help their country become the best country that it could become. Which is an admirable, worthy goal!