Five Great Family Vacation Spots in the US

Keeping kids interested and entertained is a constant struggle for families on holiday. Picking a family friendly destination where you can kick back and read a book or enjoy mobile online betting while the kids have fun can sometimes be difficult. America has something for everyone however, and it’s not short of great family vacation spots guaranteed to bring fun and entertainment for the whole family.

Disney World – Orlando, Florida

Top of the list has to be Disney World. It’s the ultimate family holiday and is a dream destination for adults and children alike. The fact that it is the most visited entertainment resort in the whole world should speak for itself. The place itself is vast and contains theme parks, water parks and resorts galore.

The place is truly magical and the kids will feel like they are in their very own Disney movie. However long you spend at Disney world, it will never be long enough. A favourite with the kids seems to be Magic Kingdom and the amazing rides at the theme parks. But there are also many great features for adults to enjoy too, including great food and luxurious hotels. This is a must for any family and an experience that will never be forgotten.

San Diego, California

There are many places to stay at in San Diego that the children will love, and activities that will keep them entertained for the entire vacation. Many resorts in San Diego have their very own kids clubs. A particularly well known one being the ‘Welk resort’. The resort is not only a beautiful place for the adults, but caters for the needs of your younger family members with swimming facilities including an interactive water playground, a games room and an activity room. Children will all be given lots of treats on arrival at this resort. The nearby San Diego Zoo is also a wonderful place to take the children, as is the Blue Water Seafood Market & Grill to prevent any hungry kiddy tantrums!

San Antonio, Texas

The abundance of fun activities in San Antonia will keep your children entertained the whole vacation, and you will have a great time too. The creatures in SeaWorld will enthral them as well as the rollercoaster rides and other educational and fun activities. There are also many museums in San Antonia, with amazing interactive activities for the kids.

Grand Canyon, Arizona

Grand Canyon is the perfect place to vacation, for the more adventurous and possibly older children. Rafting, hiking and helicopter trips are just some of the things to experience at the Grand Canyon. An inflatable adventure world is hugely popular with children visiting Arizona, called BounceU. It is filled with slides, activities and a lot of leaping and jumping excited children, and kids of all ages will love this place.

Honolulu, Hawaii

The stunning resort of Honolulu might not seem like a vacation spot for the whole family, but it really does have something for everybody. You can relax on the sandy white beaches and your children can go snorkelling and even experience the brilliance of swimming with dolphins. The is also an Hawaiian waters adventure park, with swimming pools, slides and lots more for the children to see and do.

So you see, finding a holiday destination that will meet your needs and keep the kids occupied and entertained has never been easier when you choose the US as your destination.