7 Ways To Have The Best Days Out In Australia

Australian people are known for their love of letting their hair down and having fun on a day out. Some people may get stuck in a particular routine when they go out – whether they always seem to go to the same bars or eat meals at the same restaurants. This can cause days out to lose their gloss and become predictable.

There are dozens of inventive ways to make sure that a dayout is as memorable as possible. Follow this helpful guide for seven ways to have the days out in Australia.

Go To The Melbourne Cup

Australia’s largest and one of the world’s most famous horse racing events with over 80,000 attendees annually, The Melbourne Cup is an event where you can enjoy an afternoon with friends and place a wager on some of the best thoroughbreds in the world with Melbourne Cup betting  to top off the afternoon with a great entertainment opportunity for horse racing enthusiast.

Hire A Party Bus

Organising a night out for a large group of people can sometimes be challenging. However, things become much easier if everyone agrees that it would be a good idea to hire a party bus in Perth for an evening of entertainment.

These buses are designed to be like a nightclub-on-wheels with a range of different features to take advantage of. Flashing LED lights, karaoke systems and flat-screen televisions are common features of the buses. One of the advantages of hiring a bus like this is the fact that friends can enjoy themselves in private, which is not possible in a busy nightclub filled with lots of other people.

Party buses come stocked with a range of food and drink to make sure that no-one goes hungry or thirsty when they are having fun. Once the party bus has reached its destination, revellers can be dropped off. Using a party bus is the perfect start to the evening for people going to a concert, and is an excellent way for people to have fun on their way to a wedding reception.

Organise A Trip To The Theatre

A evening out doesn’t just have to involve dancing in a nightclub or eating a meal in a restaurant. Why not organise a trip to the theatre in order to watch a play or listen to some opera? These activities are not often considered by many people, but a trip to the theatre could trigger a life-long passion for plays and operas.

Go To A Wine Tasting

An evening spent eating cheese and wine whilst socialising with new people is an excellent day out. People will be able to sample a wide range of different vintages. Cheese is the perfect accompaniment. These events are ideal for people who don’t want to spend time in buy pubs when they go out for drinks.

Go Speed Dating

Speed dating is a good way to have fun whilst meeting new people. This is an opportunity to meet the next boyfriend or girlfriend.

Go Salsa Dancing

Salsa dancing is an excellent way to spend a evening out, and there are many options in big cities like Sydney and Melbourne. Novices shouldn’t be worried because there are plenty of classes which cater to beginners.

Go To A Concert

Seeing singers and bands live at the Perth Arena is an excellent way to spend an evening.

Use this guide for the days out in Australia.