5 Social Media Mistakes that Could Damage Your Career

Social media and the online world can help you advance in your career and help in finding new job opportunities, that being said, social media can also be the cause of damaging set back in your career too, which may lead to the need to apply for a short to loan to help you get by. Here’s a look at five social media mistakes to avoid:

Sharing Job Offers

As exciting as it can be receiving a job offer, sometimes sharing it can be done too early. From your current employer’s side, if they see you’re applying elsewhere, it could make your current employment situation go sour quickly. From your potential new employer’s perspective, the role might be confidential, and again it could put a bad spin on your character, and they could revoke the job offer.

Complaining About Your Job

It has become so easy to criticise and vent via social media, but when it comes to your job or an individual from work, it’s best to stay away from social platforms. If anyone was to view your profile and see any slander or negativity it can lead to sets back in your career or relationships within the business.

Talking About Customers

Whether it’s the customer, client or employee who sees it, if you’re mocking customers of your employment this can lead to some actionable warnings by your employer. You might think it’s a trivial comment about something funny a customer did, but they might not feel the same way about it. It’s worth avoiding as HR or employment lawyers may need to get involved if the customer wants to take the comments further.

Sharing Inappropriate Images

Majority of social media platforms are very open with display what you have “liked” or “shared” online meaning if you see something as do those as mentioned earlier, your employer may see it and find it to be distasteful. It could be an amusing joke at someone else’s expense or some trivial, thinking about what you share is essential when it comes to your career progression. Comments can also be seen on media platforms so avoiding tasteless comments is also important.

Some final advice would be to make your profile private if you think it may damage your career, using LinkedIn or having a professional profile on another platform will ensure that your profile can’t ruin your current or future career. You might not realise, but a lot of employer review social media profiles, if it’s an essential role in the company and keeping your social media suitable, can be essential to avoid any mishaps or issues involving employment solicitors or HR.