Here’s the List of Top Career in the World

Career goals are set well ahead in time these days, unlike the earlier decades when graduates think about their career only either after graduation or on the verge of it. Career goals for today’s youngsters are set well ahead of beginning their graduation or even during their schooling finals. Streamlines open for graduates are also pretty high than the earlier days when they had to choose only between medical, engineering and other art careers. However, having several options have also ended as a challenge for the youngsters to decide on their profession. Presented here is a list of high scope career choices across the world!

Warehouse Workers

A career in a warehouse management industry has good scope for youngsters. The job responsibilities are indeed wider in this niche, comprising of warehouse managing executives, transportation and logistics in charge and inventory management executives. Graduates who specialise in retail management, logistics and transportation management and business studies can be eligible for this profession. After graduation, for preparing a good warehouse worker cover letter, graduates can refer to exclusive resume cover letter sample websites.


Some career profiles have an everlasting demand which mainly includes Mathematicians in it. It is one of the high paid jobs with huge placement offers across the globe. This highly demanding industry looks for professionals with ultimate talent and abundant knowledge in the field of mathematics.

Marketing Executive

Being directly and indirectly associated with the sales industry; this job portfolio offers excessive job openings for youngsters with eligibility and relevant qualification. Even a bachelor’s degree in marketing covering majors such as sales, profit or loss analysis, strategic planning, ground research and communication will be the basic need for being eligible for this portfolio. Doing masters’ degree in marketing will add up to the value and will offer for higher job descriptions such as sales and marketing executives, marketing managers and furthermore.


Whenever and wherever the topic of top careers is discussed, the place for nursing has got its prominence nevertheless of the decade. Medical industry on the whole, with special prominence to nursing specialization, has huge demand abroad. This again is one of the high paid jobs with the highly respectful job description. The unemployment rate is really low in this career. Women nurses have a thin edge of advantage in the nursing field.

Robotics and Automation

Modern world today calls for a study on robotics and automation even during school finals. Doesn’t it explain the prominence of it in the industry today? Choosing to become a robotics engineer or an automation specialist will take your career to higher levels, but will really demand high skillets.


The need and demand of certain aspects need no special mention, and one such career streamline is E-Commerce, having set its eminence and reputation to a real high level. This is a high potential industry creating hundreds and hundreds of job openings for youngsters year on year.


As briefly discussed in this post, the list of top careers in the world has several options for youngsters. The vital thing that can best drive them to succeed in their career is their passion and perseverance to succeed in their dream profession, however, hard-work demanding it might be!