Why Memes are Important for the Culture


Those new to the social media scene may find themselves spooked out in the manner in which humans nowadays prefer to socialize. Comprehending what memes are can be a daunting task for those new to the internet world.

Memes can be anything and everything. They can be words, photos, videos, ideas, people, quotes, symbols, animals and real/fictional characters. To get the gist of things, memes can be defined as specific concepts, activities, catchphrases, and media embeds that spread from one individual to the next over the internet. They can also be defined as virally transmitted social ideas or cultural symbols.

More than half of current internet memes are transferred by post-adolescents and adolescents. The main reason for this phenomenon is that the two demographics have a playful curiosity about internet memes and are addicted to instant messaging. Through the years, the mean age of meme-spreaders has grown, those aged 30 years and above are now aware of the humor and chuckles memes can draw. Happy Rage Face provides a great resource for individuals to come up with fantastic memes on the go.

Memes have no particular origin, most of them simply just pop out of nowhere before they proceed to flood Twitter and Facebook feeds, plus a host of other social network sites. Some websites are designed to enable users to discover the history and origin of particular memes. One of these websites, the Cheezburger Network does an incredible job in tracking down entire viral stories on the internet. Their work is incredible because they at times even get the names and pictures of a particular meme artist/creator.


Those who are unaccustomed to memes may view them as nonsensical, and as simply a convenient way to kill time. However, memes seem to be the latest wave in the technological world and look set to change the way business operations are conducted. Already, a number of top brands are making utility of memes to spread awareness about their products and a number of social issues.

Memes are now changing how we live, shaping popular culture and playing a key role in the ever-evolving dynamics of the modern society. Today, memes heavily influence modern language and the cultural norms of how the youth and the rest of the internet user community operate. Since memes are quite varied, there are a number of memes that are now generated to target specific demographics; for example, nerd memes make fun of the super smart.

Those in the advertising, promotion, and marketing profession have embraced memes because they are cheap and trendy solutions to present their ideas to the masses. The added bonus of memes potentially going virus means that they are an incredible means every business needs to put to good use. There are quite a number of people who have gone ahead and gained internet fame and fortune because of being associated with or conjuring up fantastic memes. At present, it’s safe to say that the meme phenomena subtly portrays the culture and social etiquette choices embraced by the modern society.